Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change

Series I, Culture and Value, Volume 35

General Editor

George F. McLean


Karol Wojtyla’s Philosophical Legacy


Edited by

Nancy Mardas Billias

Agnes B. Curry

George F. McLean


Table of Contents



               Nancy Mardas Billias and Agnes B. Curry

Prologue: Cardinal Karol Wojtyla’s Creative Response to His Philosophical Context

              George F. McLean, O.M.I.

Part I: Thomism, Phenomenology and Personalism

Chapter 1. Philosophy and Anti-Philosophy: The Ambiguous Legacy of John Paul II

                Rev. John J. Conley, S.J.

Chapter 2. Pope John Paul II’s ‘Participation’ In The Neighborhood of Phenomenology

                Peter Costello

Chapter 3. The Uniqueness of Persons in the Life and Thought of Karol Wojtyla/Pope John Paul II,with Emphasis on His Indebtedness to Max Scheler

                Peter J. Colosi

Chapter 4. The Travels of Pope John Paul II: A Phenomenology of Place

               Rev. John Allard, O.P.

Chapter 5. Pope John Paul II and the Natural Law

               Paul Kucharski

Chapter 6. Dives in Misericordia: The Pivotal Significance of a Forgotten Encyclical

               Richard H. Bulzacchelli

Part II: Social Philosophy

Chapter 7. Karol Wojtyła’s Notion of the Irreducible in Man and the Quest for a Just World Order

                Hans Köchler

Chapter 8. John Paul II: On the Solidarity of Praxis in His Political Philosophy

               John C. Carney

Chapter 9. The Subjective Dimension of Human Work: The Conversion of the Acting Person in Laborem Exercens

               Deborah Savage

Chapter 10. Person, Encounter, Communion: The Legacy and Vision of Pope John Paul

               Stephen M. Matuszak

Part III: On the Metaphysical Question: What Is a Human Being?

Chapter 11. Action at the Moral Core of Personhood: Transcendence, Self-Determination and Integration in the Anthropology of John Paul II

                    Thomas Ryba

Chapter 12. Edith Stein and John Paul II on Women

                   Sarah Borden Sharkey

Chapter 13. A Mimetic Reading of Veritatis Splendor

                   Tyler Graham

Chapter 14. On the "Proper Weight of a Man": Re-Examining the Poetic Foundations of Wojtyla’s Theory of Participation

                   Joseph Rice

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