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 edited by

John Kromkowski and George F. McLean







I. Cultural Identity and Cultural Pluralism


1. Meeting of Cultures: Meeting of Peoples

by George F. McLean, School of Philosophy, CUA; Council of Research in Values and Philosophy


2. The Unity of Human Nature and the Diversity of Cultures

by Kenneth L. Schmitz, University of Toronto, Canada


3. The Nature of Culture and Human Nature

by T.I. Oizerman, Institute of Philosophy; Member, USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, USSR


4. Cultural Pluralism and Development: the Ethnic Situation of Guatemalan Youth

by Antonio Gallo and Luisa Molina Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala, Guatemala


5. The Development of Ethnic Consciousness in the United States

by J. Kromkowski, Dep. of Politics, CUA; Dir., Office of Urban and Ethnic Affairs


II. Cultures in Change and Conflict


6. The Royal Commentaries of the Incas

by Roberto Hozven, Department of Modern Languages, CUA


7. Cultural Identity and Modernity in Africa: A Case for a New Philosophy

by J.I. Asike, Dep. of Philosophy, Univ. of Port Harcourt, Nigeria; Visiting Prof., Howard University


8. Social Harmony and Personal Fulfilment: An Analysis of Traditional Chinese Culture

by Na Chen, Dep. of Comparative Literature, Univ. of Peking, Beijing, China


9. Language and National Unity: The Philippine Experience

by Eulalio Baltazar, Department of Philosophy, University of the District of Columbia


10. National Unity and Ethnic Identity: The Russian Experience

by Priscilla Roosevelt, Department of History, CUA


III. Culture and Community


12. Person Community and Culture

by Varghese Manimali, Department of Philosophy, Vianney College, India


13. Community: Given, Achieved or Both

by Paul Peachey, Department of Sociology, CUA


14. Consensus in African Interest-Group Conflict: Democratization and Socialization of Labor

by Atomate Epas-Ngan Armand


15. The Philosophy of Gikuyu Proverbs and Other Sayings with Particular Reference to Ethics

by G.J. Wanjohi


16. Learning to Participate: Some Thoughts on Humanistic and Pragmatic Education for a Multi-Cultural Community, Polity and World

by Timothy Ready, Department of Anthropology, CUA


IV. Relations Between Cultures


17. Self Knowledge, Self Identity and Cooperation Between Peoples

by George F. McLean, School of Philosophy, CUA


18. The Universe of Human Thought

by Krzysztof Turek, Department of Philosophy, Pontifical Academy of Theology, Krakow, Poland


19. Two Dimensions of Culture

by Krzysztof Turek


20. Universalism as the Meaning of Recent History: Developments in the Marxist Theory of Formation

by Janusz Kuczynski, Department of Philosophy, University of Warsaw; Editor, Dialectics and Humanism


21. Mystical Texts as an Entry into the Cross-Cultural Study of Religion

by James Price, Department of Religion, CUA


22. Eschatology in an African Cultural Context and in Biblical Literature

by J. Donders, Dir., Africa Faith and Justice Network; Past Chair, Department of Philosophy, University of Nairobi






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