The series editor wishes to thank Prof. Dalfovo and the team of especially younger philosophers who have come together with generosity and dedication to put their special competencies in philosophy at the disposition of their people's effort to find a way to draw upon the traditions of the past in building the future.

The team at Makerere University carried out the work expeditiously, meeting regularly to test their ideas in open philosophical dialogue. The staff there supported them by preparing the manuscript in excellent form. This was typeset by Mrs. Bonnie Kennedy and Linda Perez and brought to press with the support of the James A. McLeans.

It is a signal honor that the work of the philosophers of Uganda and this general series of volumes on "The Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change: The Foundations of Social Life in Africa" has been supported also by the International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies (CIPSH), a filial of UNESCO, for which special thanks is extended to J. d'Ormesson.

This series of volumes from Africa is, in turn, part of a broader project in philosophy on the theme: Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change, along with other series of volumes from the various continents and regions of the world. Information on these and other projects of The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy can be found at the end of this volume.