As we move into a new global era the resources of Chinese culture will be called upon both for its people and for others throughout the world. Deep acknowledgment therefore is due to the Institute of Philosophy of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences for their foresight in choosing this issue: "Beyond Modernization: Chinese Roots for Global Awareness" and for bringing to it their wisdom and vision.

                Under the leadership of Professor Wang Miaoyang, for many years the Institute has explored deeply the pathways for the people. May this work and that of his colleagues continue to bear fruit into the coming millennium.

                To this John Farrelly brings a study of the parallel, and indeed convergent, contribution to spiritual civilization found in Encyclical on Human Work.

                The meeting in this volume of these two streams suggests hope for this pilgrimage.

                To all who have written these studies and to Hu Yeping and Nancy Graham who have worked devotedly to carry them to successful publication, most sincere thanks.