Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change

Series IVA, Central and Eastern Europe, Volume 35

General Editor

George F. McLean





Romanian Philosophical

Culture, Globalization

and Education



Edited by

Stefan Popenici

Alin Tat




Table of Contents



Stefan Popenici and Alin Tat



Part I. Romanian Philosophical Culture


Chapter 1. Aesthetics and Philosophy of Culture in Tudor Vianu

            Vlad Alexandrescu (University of Bucharest, Romania)


Chapter 2. The Philosophical Periods of Emil Cioran

Ciprian Valcan (Tibiscus University Timisoara, Romania)


Chapter 3. The Phenomenological Movement in Romania: A Historical and Systematic Overview

            Mădălina Diaconu (University of Wien, Austria)


Chapter 4. Noica, a Thinker in a Time of Need and the Philosophy of Becoming unto Being

            Laura Pamfil (University of Bucharest, Romania)


Chapter 5. Alexandru Dragomir: Notebooks from the Underground

            Gabriel Liiceanu (University of Bucharest, Romania)


Part II. Romanian Philosophical Inquiries into Globalization and Education


Chapter 6. Globalization, Nationalism and Romania’s Educational Reform(s).

Stefan Popenici (Simon Fraser University, Faculty of Education, Canada)


Chapter 7. Global Processes: What Has Education to Learn from Globalization

            Ciprian Fartusnic (Institute for Educational Sciences, Romania)


Chapter 8. Education and Globalization in Pseudo-Modern Romania: The Issue of Difference

            Catalina Ulrich (University of Bucharest, Romania)


Chapter 9. Romania: A Developing Country and the Challenges of Globalization

            Paul Blendea (Institute for Educational Sciences, Romania)


Chapter 10. The Dilemma of the Cultural Researcher: Are Global Answers Suitable for Local Queries?

Serban Iosifescu (Institute for Educational Sciences, Romania)


Chapter 11. Globalization and Cultural Diversity                                      

Zeno Reinhardt and Oana Almasan (National School of Political Studies and Public Administration, Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, Romania)





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