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Philosophy Emerging from Culture

July 27-29, 2008                                                                                        Seoul, Korea


Program for Panel Presentations

(2.00-6.30pm in three parallel sessions)



2.00-4.00pm Panel Presentations



Panel I.

The Lasting Philosophical Heritage of Modernity 


- Marcelo Dascal (Israel) “History of Philosophy: A Dialectical Approach”





- Leshkevich Tatiana Gennadievna (Russia) “About the new orientations  of the philosophy in global era


- Ivan Kaltchev (Bulgaria) “The Culture of Enmity Against Tolerance on the Balkans”



- Warayuth Sriwarakuel (Thailand) “Is Modernity Totally Rejected in the Global Era?”


Panel III:

Subjectivity as Complement of Objectivity in Philosophy


- Md. Sirajul Islam  (India) “The Challenges and Opportunities for Philosophy from the Global Interaction of Cultures and Civilizations”


- Pablo López López (Spain) Philosophy of Languages and Languages as Framework of Cultures and of Philosophies”


- Nizhnikov Sergey Anatolievich (Russia) “The unity of the spiritual cognition in different cultures of humankind”


- Ouyang Kang (China)The Fate and the Characteristics of Modernization in China --The Value Conflict and the Value Choice in Chinese Modernization in Global Age”


- Janis (John) Ozolins (Australia) “Culture and Global Versus Local Philosophy”



Wonbin Park (Korea)

 “Is Subject Dead”


Penal V:

Philosophy Emerging from Culture: Theory


- Marin Aiftinca (Romania) “The Philosophy in the Context Culture’s  Autonomous  Values”




- Jean Bertrand Amougou (Cameroon)

A cultural deep-rootedness of philosophy”



- S.R.Bhatt (India) “Philosophy, Culture and Human Experience”



- Valery Goryunov  (Russia)

“The Nature of Culture and its Potential as a Philosophical Source: The emergence of philosophy from culture”



- Pazukhina Olga (Russia) “Culture as the only Source of Philosophy”



- Daniel Smith (Ethiopia) “Returning to Our Roots vs. Liberal Critiques of Civilizational Identities: The Emergence of Philosophies of Liberation from Culture”




4.00-4.30 Tea/Coffee Break


4.30-6.30pm Panel Presentations


Panel II:

Philosophical Limitations of Modernity for Human Progress


- E. Moutsopoulos (Greece)

“The Crisis o Values in the Contemporary World”





- Alois Agus Nugroho (Indonesia) “Destructing the wall of deconstructionism: Philosophy expanded to global horizons”





- Burhan Ssebayigga (Uganda)

“Afro-Islamic Polemic Against Modernity”








- Mostafa Younesie (Iran)  “Farabi Method Towards Aristotle”






- Dolidze Mamuka (Georgia)

“Personal freedom and Open Society"


- Serge Ivanov (Russia) “Problem of the universal concepts and myth about totalitarism”


Panel IV:

Values, Virtues and the Creation of Cultures


- Vasil Gluchman (Slovakia) “Natural and Moral (Cultural) Roots of Humanity”




- Marta Gluchmanova (Slovakia) Ethical education and the new awareness of values and virtues in modern civilization”



- Viorel Guliciuc and Emilia Guliciuc (Romania) “The Mediated Human Being in the Digital Era”




- Lin Ya-ping (Taiwan) “Feelings and Virtues”





- Chintamani Malviya (India) “Value, Culture and Social development”


- Olga Shipunova, and Alla Safonova (Russia) “The problem of the sacral semantics”


- Yu Cheng-Ling (Taiwan) “Ethics for Today: The Confucian Concept of Qing and Today’s Society”


Penal VI:

Philosophy Emerging from Culture: Applied



- Bongasu Tanla Kishani (Cameroon)

“The Interface of Being: Language in Philosophy”




- Maija Kule (Latvia)

“Three life-forms as a basis of different philosophical thinking”




- Patricia Nguyen (Taiwan) “« Philosophy Emerging from Culture » in a Blondelian perspective — the “Option” Implied in the Emergence of Philosophy from Culture”


- Abdul Rashid (Pakistan)

 "The Emergence of Philosophy of Tolerance from Culture of Dialogue: Religious Perspective"


- Yuann, Jeu-Jenq (Taiwan)

“A Realistic Interpretation of Culture”


Panel VII:

Philosophy Emerging from Islamic Cultures



- Rahat Achylova (Kyrgyzstan)

"Central Asian civilization during the new era of Globalization: philosophical approach"


- Sayyed Hassan Hussaini (Akhlaq) (Iran) “The Enlightenment Philosophy and Islamic peripatetic Philosophy”


- Rustem Kadyrzhanov (Kazakhstan) “Globalization and the Transformation of the Kazakh National Identity”






- Yasien Mohamed (South Africa) “Greek Philosophy in the Islamic Cultural Context with Reference to ‘Justice’”



- Serik Nurmuratov (Kazakhstan)

 “Basic values of the Kazakh philosophy”


- Abdumalik Nysanbaev (Kazakhstan) “Civilization, Traditions and Mentality of the Kazakhs”


- Pulat Shozimov (Tajikistan) “New Reading of Classical Texts on Islamic Philosophy in the Context Building of Civil Society in Modern Central Asia: Methodological Aspect”





July 29 Panel Presentations



2.00-4.00pm Panel Presentations


Panel VIII.

The Horizontal Broadening of Philosophy in Global Times


- John Abbarno (US) “Exporting Values”




- Silja Graupe (Germany) “Knowing Thyself” by Meeting the Other: A Dialogue on Economic Globalization In-Between the Cultures”


- Carlos Eduardo Maldonado (Colombia) “Philosophy Expanded To Global Horizons”


- Godabarisha Mishra (India) “Calling of the Trans-religious Philosophy of Liberation: Expanding the Horizons of Peace and Globalisation”


- Ogbo Ugwuanyi (Nigeria) “De-Culturing/De-Politicizing Philosophy: Towards a Re-Traditionalisation of Modernity”, “Truth as Equality in a World Cultured By Difference”


- Sesegma Zhimbeeva (Russia) “Understanding of Nature: The Corporative Approach” “Ethics of Surrounding Environment”


Panel X.

 The Philosophical Integration of Diversity in the Global Times



- Joseph Chemeka Achike Agbakoba (Nigeria)

 “Building Cultural Bridges in the Era of Globalization”


- Li Jianqun (China) “Dialogue and Communication--the Reality and the Future of Cultural Conflict”



- Plamen Makariev (Bulgaria) “Cultural Diversity and Philosophical Universalism


- Chaitany Pragya (India) “Anekanta: Philosophy of Co-existence Emerging from Jain Culture”




- Debika Saha (India) “Cultural Diversities – Towards a New Conception of Identity and Freedom in a Pluralistic Society”


Panel XII.

Philosophy Emerging from Cultures: South and Southeast Asia 



- Manny Dy (Philippine) “Doing Philosophy in the Philippine Context”



- Mahavir Raj Gelara (India) "Dynamics of Non-violence in an Emerging New World Order"



- B.M. Jain (India) “Rethinking Globalization of Culture: A Critique  from the  Anekanta Perspective" 


- Rolando M. Gripaldo (Philippine) “Philosophy and Culture: The Philippine Experience”




- Charitra Prajna (India) "Jain Culture in Search of a New Incentive for Emerging a New Philosophy"




- Mallika Rajaratnam (Sri Lanka) “'Know Thyself and Subjective Universality;East and West [with special reference to Upanishads and Buddhism and Socrates/Plato and Kant]”




4.00-4.30pm Tea/Coffee Break


4.30-6.30pm Panel Presentations


Panel IX.

The Vertical Extension of Philosophy in Global Times: Interiority and Transcendence


- Edward J. Alam (Lebanon)

 “Philosophy and Culture: The Role of Religion?”





- Chung-ying Cheng (US) “Philosophy of Humanity in a Post-Modern Age / World”




- Wilhelm Danca (Romania) “Religious Identity and Values in Contemporary Context”


- Anatolij F. Karas (Ukraine)

 "Freedom of Choice and Cultural Membership of Person in Discursive-Ethical Dimensions"


- Workineh Kelbessa (Ethiopia)

“Ethical Considerations and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Africa


- Anatoliy G. Kossichenko (Kazakhstan)

“Religious Essence of the Spiritual”


- Sivanandam Panneerselvam (India)

“A Creative Cultural Tradition of India


- L. P. Singh (India) “Philosophy, Culture and the Future Society”


Panel XI

Philosophy Emerging from Confucian Cultures 



- He Xirong (China)

“Going Deep Into Cultural Ground to Seek for a New Way: In Comparative Study of Chinese and Western Philosophy”



- Hoang Thi Tho (Vietnam) “Philosophy and Culture: Confucianism in Vietnam and the Development of the Concept of Nation”



- Liu Lihua (China)

“Our Incomparable and Valuable Heritage”



- Pham Van Duc (Vietnam)

Some reflection on Vietnam philosophy in the intercultural era"



- Pong Wen-berng (Taiwan):

"The Concept of Humanity in Contemporary Neo-Confucianism"


- Yang Chih-sheng (Taiwan)

“Hegel’s Critique on Chinese Philosophy”


- Yu Xuanmeng (China) “The Difference from the Very Beginning”


Panel XIII

Philosophy Emerging from African and Other Cultures



- Gordeev Anton (Russia) “Doctrine about compromise by Ivan Il’in”





- Umut Asanova (Kyrgyzstan)

 “Philosophy of Freedom and Responsibility Emerging From Traditional Culture of the Kyrgyz People”


- Maduabuchi Dukor (Nigeria)

"Philosophy and African Salvation”


- J. Obi Oguejiofor (Nigeria)

“The Cultural Origin of Contemporary African Philosophy”



- Gail M Presbey (US) “Wise Elders in Africa and the Tradition-Innovation Tensions within Philosophy and Culture”


- Herminie Soemitro (Indonesia)

Is Javanese Philosophy Philosophy?”


- Vasiliy Gritsenko (Russia) “Humanistic Traditions Russian Philosophy and the Present











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