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Invitation to an International Conference

Dialogue among Civilizations: East-West



People's Friendship University of Russia

Moscow, Russia

April 15-17, 2003



It will be held on April 15-17, 2003 at the People's Friendship University of Russia (PFUR), Moscow. Its theme is "Globalization and Multiculturalism".


We are witnessing an epochal moment in a world history, a creation of a new order in cultural, political and economic realms. Recently triggered political, economic and cultural processes are changing the world order with the speed and depth comparable only to the systemic changes after the end of the Cold War. Our aim is to explore a number of questions related to the extend to which we are witnessing the emergence of a new governing order, new imperium that may consist of a one state or a coalition of few states linked by the same interests and culture. These range from development in global politics to the emergence of new polities on the local level to challenges of finding ways to understand governing process. At the core of our discussions will be the theme of the extent to which there is the establishment of an imperium, whether it be in the form of a set of ideas (common culture) or with respect to a governing power (at the domestic and international level). We will explore also the central theme of the series of our conferences – whether or not an in what form dialogue of civilizations is possible in the new political and cultural environment. The discussions will call on range of disciplines and forms of knowledge.


Topics for discussion


1.      Imperium: Towards a New Universalism?

2.      Cultural Legacies and the Contemporary Challenges of Civilization

3.      Plural Globalities in Multiple Localities: Multilevel Governance and New World Borders

4.      Russia, the Arabic East and the System of Inter-cultural Communication

5.      Prospects of Multicultural Politics and the Dialogue of Civilizations – It is still Possible?


These themes will be discussed at a plenary meeting, meeting of “round tables” and free discussion.


This conference is carried out under the initiative of the Inter-Universitarian Center for Studies of Eastern Philosophy and Culture at the People’s Friendship University of Russia. With support of:


Helwan University (Egypt)

University of Paris-8 (France)

Bremen University (Germany)

Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (USA)

Institute of European and Russian Studies (EURUS), Carlton University (Canada)

Center for the Study of International Relations and Strategy, University of the Azores (Portugal)

Research Institute of Christianity in South Africa, University of Cape Town (South Africa)


Place and time of Convening of the Symposium


The symposium will be held at the People’s Friendship University of Russia in Moscow from April 15-17, 2003. Arrival of participants – April 14, departure – April 18. The working languages of the symposium will be Russia, English, French and Arabic. Simultaneous translation into these languages will be available.


Applications should be sent to the address:


Prof. Yuriy Pochta

Faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences

People’s Friendship University of Russia

Mikluho-Maklaya St. 6

117198 Moscow, Russia

Email: pochta@mail.rudn.rssi.ru










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