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Invitation to an International Conference

Italic Identities and Pluralistic Contexts

Toward the Development of Intercultural Competencies

A collaborative effort of “Globus et Locus”,  Universita Cattolica, Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy

October 23-24, 2003


In the past, the identity of a people served to distinguish and in a way to separate them from others. In contrast this conference will explore the new role of cultural heritages, especially the Italian spirit or “Italicity” in the present global context. This is not merely the specific identity of the people of Italy, but especially its contribution to the whole human patrimony. It is consequently an element present in the self-awareness of all who wish to draw upon it, and subconsciously enriches many others besides.

This colloquium continues an effort begun by “Globus et Locus” in Milan, which is being carried forward through annual cooperation with the RVP. In 2002 a conference entitled “The Essence of Italian Culture and the Challenge of A Global Age” was held in Washington.

Below is the program of 2013 conference:


Thursday October 23, 2003 

9 AM -- Italic Identities and Pluralistic Contexts

- George F. MCLEAN, The Center for the Study of Culture and Values, The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

- Piero BASSETTI,  President, Globus et Locus, Milan  

- Paolo Daniele SIVIERO, Centro Ambrosiano Documentazione per le Religioni. Coordinator for “Religion and Oriental Cultures”, Milan

- Philip PICHIGALLO, National Executive Director, Order, Sons of Italy in America

11.00 AM -- The Promotion of Peoples

- Maddalena TIRABASSI, Agnelli Foundation, Turin

- Gasper LO BIONDO S.J., President, Woodstock  Theological Center, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

2.00 PM -- Writing on “Italicita”

- Helen BAROLINI, author, Hastings on Hudson, New York

- Paul PAOLICELLI , Journalist and best selling author, Pittsburgh

4.00 PM -- The Development of Intercultural Competencies

- Giovanni BECHELLONI, Professor, The Department of Sociology, University "Cesare Alfieri", Florence

- John KROMKOWSKI, Professor, The Department of Politics, The Catholic University of - America, Washington, D.C.

- Charles DECHERT, Professor Emeritus, The Department of Politics, The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.

Friday October 24, 2003

9.00 AM -- Italy beyond its Borders

- Paolo JANNI, Ambassador of Italy (Ret); Senior Fellow in European Politics, The Catholic University of America; writer  for the Italian daily newspapers: Avvenire ( Milan) and Il Mattino(Naples)

- Hon. Alberto SCHEPISI, Italian Ambassador to Ireland

10.30 AM -- Cultural Identity and Political Interchange 

- Vittorio Emanuele PARSI, Professor of International Relations, Universita Cattolica, Sacro Cuore, Milan. Foreign Affairs Columnist for Avvenire,  Milan

- Kirk BUCKMAN, Professor, The Department of Politics, The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C.










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