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Invitation to an International Conference


The Identity of the Person in an Age of Globalization




The Ivan Franko National University of L’viv (Ukraine)

The Ukranian Catholic University

The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy 

World Council of the Shevchenko Scientific Societies

The Institute of Society-Human Problems of the Western Science Center

Under Nas and Mes of Ukraine 


June 29-30, 2010


This is the second conference in the context area of: 

“The Paradigms of Thinking and Conceptions of Knowledge under the Influence of Contemporary Challenges in General, Practical and Applied Philosophy”




The aThe aim of the conference is to focus attention on human identity under the peculiarities of the paradigmatic changes in the contemporary conditions of informational technologies development, intensive global communication and unprecedented cultural interpenetration. Remarkably, continuous qualitative increase and diversification of knowledge of the world continue, more and more, to cause fragmentation in a human being’s understanding of himself/herself and his/her own cultural and social environment, which threaten human civilization in new ways. In this, the religious dimensions of human civilization continue to be influential and imperative. In the context of these foundational dimensions of human civilization, we identify a new challenge to the present role of the natural sciences and humanities, knowledge and culture in social development, which entails a diagnosis of classical, non-classical and postmodernist models and styles of theoretical, scientific, and artistic thinking related to the problems of personal identity and authenticity.


We suggest to address both the potential dangers to human nature and dignity, and the potential opportunities for the realization of more authentic human freedom, in the context of the new challenges facing personal human identity; we also intend to address in this context the role of the spirit in the socio-political order of our global world; in this regard, an analysis of  democratic development and the condition of  the “open” – “closed” dynamic as a social reality, in relation to the peculiarities of their interpretation by the means of reason in the philosophical trends of the 21st century, will be appropriate.  


The discussion on conceptions of knowledge and reality from the point of view of contemporary perspectives on the development of natural sciences in general and genetics, in particular,  as well as of education in general, must become an important aspect of the interdisciplinary approaches to achieving new insights into human identity. We plan to start discussion regarding the nature of cognitive means of explanation, understanding, and interpretation of being, reality, social actuality, human activity, and the identity of the human person.  We suggest to display the outlined circle of problems taking into account new approaches formed at the intersection of post-structuralism, communicative philosophy, neo-Thomism, postmodernism, semiotics, and philosophy of science. 


All information on the events related to the conference will be posted at: www.crvp.org;  http://www.lnu.edu.ua/faculty/Phil/phil_inf_ukr.htm http://www.franko.lviv.ua --- choose “faculties” – “philosophical” – “news” and the title of the conference.


Organizing Committee  (conference.lviv@gmail.com):

Chair: Anatoilij Karas’, Professor, Chairman of the Department of Philosophy, e-mail address: anatolijkaras@yahoo.com

Secretary: Oresta Losyk, Assistant Professor o.losyk@yahoo.com  conference.lviv@gmail.com


The selection of the participants of the conference will be conducted on the basis of submitted applications and abstracts (outlines) up to 5000 signs in Ukrainian or English. The publication of the abstracts (outlines) is planned before the launching of the conference. 


Applications and abstracts (outlines) should be sent via e-mail by May 20, 2010 to: conference.lviv@gmail.com and k_filos@franko.lviv.ua


or via post to:

Ivan Franko Lviv National University

Department of Philosophy

Universytetska Str. 1, room 316

79001 Lviv Ukraine


The schedule of the conference will be sent to the selected participants by June 10, 2010. There are plans to publish the conference papers in a special edition of ‘the scientific monograph’. The papers should be submitted in Ukrainian or English up to 20, 000 signs in electronic versions by September 20, 2010. The committee will select the materials for publishing.


The application fee for the participation at the conference is 35 EUR (50$) and can be paid during registration. This amount also covers the cost of the subsequent publication of the papers. 


Thee travel expenses are covered by participants or their home institutions.

Paper Requirements


1. Paper copy of materials printed in А4 (210х297 mm) format, Times New Roman font, size 12, interval 1,0, all margins 20 mm.

2. Electronic version of materials should be submitted by e-mail or on a disc in Word (version 6.0 and above).

3. Before the title of the paper please specify first and second names of the author (on the right side). After that in a new row put a title in capital letters (half-bold). Under the title from a new paragraph put annotation of the article in English (3-5 sentences). After this the text of the article should begin a new paragraph.

4. Bibliography should be put at the end of article according to the standard requirements. 




First Name and Surname                                     

Scientific Degree                                        

Place of work and position 

Address for correspondence 


Form of participation at the conference:

     - Paper

     - Report (outline) speech at the panel up to 20 min.      

     - Participation at discussions (5-7 min.)

Title of the submitted paper:

Abstract of the paper (max 5 000 signs for putting on website)

Notes (requests, wishes)

Date and signature








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