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Invitation to an International Conference


Urbanization and Community Building: China and the World



School of International Relations

University of International Business and Economy

Beijing, P.R. China

June 18-19, 2011





Among developing countries urbanization has become one of the most dynamic  forces in the process of globalization since the end of the Cold War. Chinese society has witnessed an unprecedented scale of migration from rural areas to cities. Nevertheless, many questions remain unresolved, e.g., how do the new immigrates fit into the new city life ; how does the city governance accommodate the newcomers? How do Chinese traditional cultures and values effect the modern process of urbanization, and vice versa.  Is there a Chinese model of urbanization? What experience and lessons can Chinese policy makers and leaders of the other developing nations borrow from one another? These questions pose challenges to scholars of political science, sociology and philosophy.   


The conference aims to provide a forum for both Chinese and international scholars to exchange their research findings, enhance their understanding of the fundamental forces in the process of urbanization and community building and  open more perspectives through enhanced discussions. 

The conference organizers tentatively propose such discussion themes for the conference :


1. Political participation of the floating population in Chinese urbanization.

2. The social integration and community building of the new urban immigrants 

3. The interactions of traditional and modern cultural  and values in the process of urbanization and community building .4. Country case studies of urbanization and community building.


The Conference will focus on discussions of the burning issue of urbanization and community building in developing countries , with a particular focus on China, as it has emerged in the process of modernization. However, the cultural traditions and values as well as the dynamic character of urban modernization make such intersections challenging and provide an opportunity for human experience of a new model of social reality. central issus are:  how to live a healthy urban life without losing one’s cultural tradition and values and how to chart a dynamic path for the modern city both theoretically and practically.


The conference will study the issue of urbanization and community in contemporary life in a multi-disciplinary manner in order to understand the urbanized human conditions. It will also draw on the resources of various cultural expressions and traditions. Such reflections can foster both the appropriation of cultural insights and the application of practical critique to current dilemmas which emerge at the intersection and interchange of forces which form the contemporary urban situation in various cultures throughout the world and particularly in China.




Dai Changzhong

Professor of Political Science and Dean

The School of International Relations

University of International Business and Economy

Beijing, P.R. China




Wang Bo

Associate Professor and Assistant Dean

The School of International Relations

University of International Business and Economy

Beijing, P.R. China










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