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Invitation to an International Conference


Dialogue between Confucianism and Christianity



Wuhan University

Wuhan, P.R. China

June 21-2, 2011





Dialogue is the deep exchange between the human efforts and experiences of peoples’ striving for human self-realization and fulfillment. As Confucianism and Christianity each bring rich but still limited insight regarding human nature and existence, the dialogue between the two has the intrinsic promise of complementarity and mutual enrichment. It promises productive contributions for facing common predicaments through searching for harmonious co-existence in the 21st century.

This conference on “Dialogue between Confucianism and Christianity” will constitute an academic exchange of faith and reason on the deep concerns of our times. You are invited to take part in this important discussion.

Paper submission: abstract April 1, full paper May 10, 2011.



Zhai Zhihong and Huang Chao

The School of Philosophy

Wuhan University

Wuhan, P.R. China










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