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Invitation to an International Conference

Global Challenges and the Vocation of Philosophy


Addis Abba University

Addis Abba, Ethiopia

 November 15-16, 2012






Given the global connectedness in which we find ourselves, it is a truism that there is no such a thing as an isolated crisis.  From the economy to the environment, the failures of one are the failures of all.  To consider all the present global dangers seriously and soberly can easily lead to despair.  But if we all fall together, it is also the case that we may all rise together as well.  And so there is reason to hope.  To overcome the plethora of planetary challenges facing us today, it is necessary to cultivate the wisdom of particular peoples and places in order to share this wisdom with the world. 


Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular, provide much wisdom for the rest of the world for meeting the many global challenges. Much light can be shed upon the “colonial question” when the experience of Ethiopia is considered alongside the rest of the African Experience. Both Ethiopia’s relation to the rest of Africa and Africa’s relation to the rest of the world provide valuable insights into ways of overcoming so many of the global problems we continue to struggle with—problems which have to do with “new colonialisms”. 


But simplistic responses to staggering complexity are never adequate, and thus a highly nuanced and informed critique of the “new colonialisms” must be accompanied by an analysis that, in drawing upon the wisdom in Africa, also deals adequately with her responsibilities.


We are inviting philosophers to propose a paper that will address themes relevant to such general topics as:


Indigenous Knowledge and Global challenges in Africa

Culture and Development

Religious Pluralism and Global Peace

Ethiopian Philosophy and Global Challenges

Philosophy and Global Challenges in the Twenty First Century

Philosophy, civil Society and Global problems

Philosophy and Climate Change

Environment and the future: Challenges and Promises

Globalization and Africa

Globalization and Multiculturalism

African Philosophy and Globalization

Globalization and the Human Paradox

Ethics, Power and Global Justice

Alternative Models of Social Well-Being and Economic Activity


Abstract Submission


A short abstract can be sent to the Organizing Committee by e-mail attachment.  We look forward to forward to welcoming you to Addis Ababa (New Flower).


Abstracts on any other relevant topics are welcome.


An abstract should not exceed 200 words and should be in the following format: 12 point Times New Roman, Single Spaced.


No registration fees.


Important Deadlines


Submission of Abstracts: June 30, 2012

Notification of Selected Abstracts: July 30, 2012

Submission of Full Papers: August 31, 2012


These papers for publication do not have an upper page limit in order to enable the full development of one's theme. however, the actual presentation will be limited to 20 minutes followed by a period for open discussion.


Seminar Venue: Addis Ababa University




Professor Workineh Kelbessa

Department of Philosophy

Addis Abba University

Addis Abba, Ethiopia











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