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Invitation to an International Conference

Identities and Modernization


Institute of Philosophy

Adam Mickiewicz University

Poznan, Poland

September 13-14, 2012






The aim of the conference is to explore the role of collective identities in processes of modernization in the different civilizations and cultures. Modernization is understood first of all as an economic and technological phenomenon. It is accepted by the contemporary societies throughout the world. But it causes the problems for traditional communities and traditional identities, which are weakening or transforming into new forms.


The conference invites discussion of the following related issues:


(1) What kinds of collective (social, religious, cultural, political) identities function as conditions enabling modernizations and innovations, and which kinds impede modernization?

(2) How to avoid the negative effects of modernization on society and culture?

(3)  Is it possible to assure the sustainability of the development by adding specific characteristics to the modernization processes and adapting them to the particular collective identities?


The conference will attempt to respond to these questions through interpreting and comparing the role of collective identities in modernization in different regions and cultures, especially in Western and Eastern Europe, in Middle East and in Asia. Scholars from a variety of disciplines and from different regions are invited to consider the deeper cultural and political roots of the specific characteristics of modernization processes in various societies and cultures.


The discussions of these problems should contribute to a better understanding of the present state of globalization, in which  from the one side individualistic processes are present and from the other side the  traditional collective identities. The heritage of values and norms, customs and beliefs struggles to persist and to enable societies to evolve as particular, unique subjects, despite the stress of global forces.




Conference language: English

There is no application fee. The organizers will assist accommodations during the conference.

The titles of the presentations should be submitted by March 30, 2012 and the abstracts by May 30, 2012.


The Institute of Philosophy of Adam Mickiewicz University and the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP) would like to invite you to the biannual Eastern and Central European international conference: "Identities and Modernization" to be held on September 13-14, 2012. The conference will take place at Mielzynski Street 27/29 in Poznan, Poland.




Professor Tadeusz Buksinski

Institute of Philosophy\

Adam Mickiewicz University

Poznan, Poland

Email: tabu@amu.edu.pl





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