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Invitation to an International Conference

Interrelation of Eurasian Cultures in a Global Age


Buryat State University

Ulan-Ude, Siberia, The Russian Republic

June 7-8, 2012





Lake Baikal is a land of many engagements. To the East it faces Japan, to the west it is part of the Russian Federation and to the South it relates to Mongolia and the great people of China. How is it to understand and live these complex intercultural relationship? This calls for achieving the needed understanding of self, of other -- or is it the myriad others-- and of the interrelation of the two.


The relatively new science of hermeneutics may be able to play a helpful role in achieving the needed understanding of self, of other -- or is it the myriad others-- and of the interrelation of the two.


Particularly, as global interaction and its related technologies develop, isolation is no longer a protection or a desirable alternative. Understanding complementary relations with neighboring peoples and being able to take pride in the ability to relate to them becomes not only possible but imperative. Indeed, in the global age of communication relations now are not only to neighboring people but to peoples everywhere. The issue then is one of knowledge and will, of ethics and metaphysics, of philosophy and religion. All these will be explored for their hermeneutic significance in this conference.


Along these general lines papers are invited on such issues as:


- philosophical paths for overcoming the Cartesian dichotomy of body and spirit;

- the relation of will and reason in human life;

- an ethics of recognition of the other that points the way to social reconciliation and peace; and

- metaphysical and religious roots for intercultural harmony and cooperation


Travel and room and board will be covered by the participants, but the University will host dinners during the conference. Participants can stay at the University hotel (cost: 15.00USD per person per night). As Baikal is a unique place and a world treasure, we can help arrange a trip to Baikal after the conference. Normally it will take two days and cost around 70$ per night (meal is included).


The conference proceedings will be published in English by the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy. Please submit your full paper by May 25, 2012 to Professor Irina Boldonova (irina_duncan@mail.ru) with copy to (cua-rvp@cua.edu).


Please send the following participant contact information to Professor Irina Boldonova (irina_duncan@mail.ru) and with copy to (cua-rvp@cua.edu) who will provide further information.



Scientific Degree:

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