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Invitation to an International Conference

Re-Learning to Be Human for Global Times:

Inculturation and the Shaping of Global Man

Changjung Christian University, Tainan, Taiwan

July 26-28, 2018



Culture has strong impact on the shaping of human characters. In this global age, the model of cultural domination brings more disasters with interminable conflicts (S. Huntington); while the cultural hegemony is now replaced by the cultural pluralism (J.F. Lyotard). In these circumstances inculturation, one of the most effective ways in dealing with conflicts and understanding one and other, is re-discovered as the basis for fruitful interactions among different cultures, religions and civilizations. Inculturation is the process of learning from others in order to come in terms with them.


This conference will focus on how peoples with different ways of life and different cultural and religious backgrounds are looking for ways to build bridges and have dialogues in order to have common understanding despite their differences.



- The Sources of Misunderstanding

- The Conflict of Ideologies and Cultural Traditions

- The Meeting of East and West in History

- The Actual Encounter of East and West Today – The Role of Inculturation

- The Dialogue between the North and the South (focus: Southeast Asia and East Asia)

- The Process of Mutual Learning and Relearning

- Inculturation and Hermeneutics

Inculturation and Cultural Pluralism



Changjung Christian University (CJCU) (Taiwan)

The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP)

Palace Museum in South Taiwan (Taiwan)

National Chengkung University (NCU)



There will be no registration fee. A full board during the conference will be provided to all foreign participants, and local scholars who are not from Tainan. The conference will be held on July 26-28, July 29-30 will be arranged for excursion, and July 31 will take participants to Taichung for the August 1-2 conference.



Please send 100 words and a brief CV to Tran Van Doan [tran@mail.cjcu.edu.tw], Liao Hsueh Ming [hmliao@mail.cjcu.edu.tw] and [cua-rvp@cua.edu] by March 1, 2018. Full papers sent by June 30, 2018 will be considered to be published if publishable by the RVP in its publication series "Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change." The Chinese version will be published in Taiwan by CJCU or/and Palace Museum.



Tran Van Doan

Theological School

CJCU (Moderator)



Liao Hsueh Ming

Theological School

CJCU (Executive Secretary)







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