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Sekamanya Siraje Abdallah

ISTAC, International Islamic University Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Email: ssekamanya@hotmail.

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Islamic Philosophy/theology, Ethics, Spirituality and Moral Education, Educational Philosophy.


Jamel Ben Abdeljelil

Department of Near Eastern Studies

University of Vienna

Vienna, Austria

Email: jameleddine.ben-abdeljelil@univie.ac.at

Area of major philosophical intereste(s): Intercultural Philosophy, Arab Islamic Philosophy in the Middle Ages and Modern Discourse of Rationalism in Arab Context, Postmodern Philosophies, Philosophy of Religion


Teshome Abera

Addis Ababa Science and Technology University

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Email: teshomeaberra@yahoo.com/directorate-cc@aastu.edu.et

Area of major philosophical interet(s): Ethiopian philosophy, African philosophy, Critical Social theory, political philosophy


Kazhimurat Abishev

The Social Philosophy Department

The Institute of Philosophy and Political Science of the National Academy of

Sciences of Kazakhstan

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Email: zhanara.sagimbaeva@undp.org

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Philosophical aspects of Values


Abdul Khaliq Aboya       

Department of Philosophy

University of Karachi

Karachi, Pakistan

Email: akaboya@uok.edu.pk kaboya_khaliq@yahoo.com

Website: www.uok.edu.pk        

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Islamic Modernism, Educational Philosophy, Hermenutics, Cultural Studies.


Adeyemi Johnson Ademowo

Afe Babalola University

Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State


Email: yemijohnson@gmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): African Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Cultural Competency, Culture of Development


Donny Gahral Adian

Philosophy Department

University of Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia

Email: religiana@yahoo.co.uk

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Political Philosophy and Metaphysics


Abdul Rahim (Afaki)

Departemnt of philosophy,

University of Karachi,

Karachi, Pakistan

Email: abdul_afaki@yahoo.com

Area of Major Philosophical Interest(s):

Muslim & Western Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Culture, Religion, Global Civilization, Inter-Cultural Relationship


Mehdi Najafi Afra

Islamic Azad University

Tehran, Iran

Email: mhnja2002@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Islamic Philosophy(Motion & Time)


Jorge Iván Ramírez Aguirre

Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana

Envigado (Antioquia), Colombia

Email:  jiramirster@gmail.com     jiramir@epm.net.co     

Website:  www.upb.edu.co

Area of major philosophical interest(s): classical Philosophy, religion


Azhar bin Ahmad

National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Email: azhar@intanbk.intan.mymahjurah@yahoo.com 

Website: www.intanbk.intan.my

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics, Philosophy of God, Philosophy of Man, Theology, Theosophy


Zhar Ahmad

Leadership Programme

National Institoute of Public Administration (INTAN)

Bukit Kiara

50480  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Email: azhar@intanbk.intan.my

Area of major philosophical interests:  i) metaphysics  ii) ethics  iii) philosophy of religion  iv) epistemology


Muhammad Ahsan

Academic Research Consultant

Essex, UK

Email: ahsan736@msn.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Islam, Muslim Would and Global Peace


Adebayo Aina

Department of Philosophy

Olabisi Onabanjo University

Ago-Iwoye, Nigeria

Email: bayo_kofo@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): African Jurisprudence


Anthony Chinaemerem Ajah

Department of Philosophy

University of Nigeria

Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria

Email: anthony.ajah@unn.edu.ng, anthonyajahc@gmail.com, chinaemeremajah@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s):  History of Philoscaophy (Paul Ricoeur), Critical Social Theory (Sigmund Freud, Jürgen Habermas and Paul Ricoeur), Social and Politil Philosophy (Ideologies and Social Development),Philosophy of Development. Philosophy of Action/Values, Metaphysics and Social Ontology, Conflict of Freedom and Religious Values (Jürgen Habermas and Charles Taylor).


Martin Odei Ajei

Department of Philosophy and Classics

University of Ghana


Email: ajeimat@hotmail.com and nimba@ug.edu.gh

Areas of philosophical interest(s): African philosophy, philosophy of development, environmental ethics


Muhsin Akbas

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies,

Faculty of Theology,  

Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University

Canakkale, Turkey

Email: muhsinakbas@hotmail.com

Website: ftp://ilahiyat.comu.edu.tr/akademikyapi/felsefevedinbolumleri/muhsinakba


Area of major philosophical interest(s): Philosophy of Religion, Theodicy, Holocaust, Metaphysics, Life After Death, Deconstruction and Religion


Musa Akrami

Department of Philosophy of Science

Vice-president of Faculty of  Theology and Philosophy

Islamic Azad University (Science and Reaserch Branch)


Email: musa.akrami@yahoo.com

Website: http://www.tpf-iau.com/faculty/musa.akrami.html

Area of major philosophical interest(s) : Metaphisics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of  Science, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Art


Ebenezer Derek Mbongo Akwanga

Doctor of Philosophy (Conflict Transformation & Peace Studies)

University of Birmingham

United Kingdom

Email: ebenezerakwanga@rocketmail.com

Website: http://www.eahrhi.org

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Post-Conflict Nation and State Building, Conflict Transformation, Peace Studies, International Relations


O. Faruk Akyol

Department of Philosophy

Istanbul University

 Istanbul, Turkey

Email: farakyol@istanbul.edu.tr

Website: www.osmanfarukakyol.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Ancient Philosophy, Hellenistic Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Epistemology, Globalization and Cultural Problems


Maha Al-Sudaid

Email: fahadalsudaid@yahoo.com,  fahad55@australia.edu
Area of major philosophical interest(s) : hermeneutics and its relation to translation


Tamara Albertini

Department of Philosophy

University of Hawaii

Honolulu, U.S.A.

Email 1: tamaraa@hawaii.edu

Areas of major philosophical interest(s): Islamic and Renaissance Philosophy. Within Islam thematical focus on jurisprudence and Sufism, geographical focus on Central Asia


Amjad Ali

The Department of Philosophy

University of Karachi

Karachi, Pakistan

E-Mail: amjadchannar@uok.edu.pk

Area of major philosophical interest(s): French Philosophy, Postmodernism, local cultural traditions 


Hülya Alper

Faculty of Divinity

Marmara University

Istanbul, Turkey

Email: hulyaalper@hotmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Islamic Theology (Kalam) ,  Religious Studies, Gender Issues and Environmental issues


Ömer Mahir Apler

Philosophy Departmant

Istanbul University


Email: omahir@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Islamic Philosophy, Epistemology, Ethics


Terhemba Ambe Ambe-Uva

National Open University of Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria

Email: uvanom@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s):  International Society for Metaphysics, and Africa


Afsaneh Amirmoez

The University of Limoges

Limoges 87000, France

Email: a_amirmoez@hotmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s):  Modern Philosophy; Derrida; time; phenomenology


Margarida I. Almeida Amoedo


Universidade de Évora


Email: miaa@uevora.pt

Areas of major philosophical interest(s): Ortega y Gasset's philosophy; Axiology; Philosophical Anthropology; Education.


Caesar B. Amoggao

Education Department

Bataan Peninsula State University-Bagac Extension Campus

Bagac, Bataan, Philippines

Email: camoggao@yahoo.com

Area of Major Philosophical interest(s): Intercultural Philosophy, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Culture, Philosophy of Man


Abdelmadjid Amrani

Department of Philosophy

Batna University


Email: amrani_abd@yahoo.fr

Web: www.amrani-lab-aocd.org

Area of Major Philosophical interest(s): Existentialism, The Philosophy: One Civilization to One World

Aditya Angiras

Department of VVBIS

Panjab University

Chandigarh, India

Email: angiras0001@gmail.com

Website:  http://vvbisis.puchd.ac.in/show-faculty.php

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Indian Civlization

Romanus A. Anosike

Seat of Wisdom Seminary

Owerri-Imo State


Email: anosikeromanus@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): philosophy, theology, education


Sohail Ahmed Ansari

Legal Consultant

Quetta, Pakistan

Email :   sohailansariadvocate@gmail.com  

Website:    http://www.paragonconsultants.org/

Area of major philosophical interest(s) : Legislative Drafting for social democratic change


S. Vanathu Antoni

Philosophy Department

Arul Anandar College

Karumathur, India

Email: vanathuantoni@gmail.com

Areas of Interest: Environmental Philosophy, multiculturalism and human happiness


Ruben Apressyan

Department of Ethics,

Institute of Philosophy

Russian Academy of Sciences

Moscow, Russia

Email: rapressy@iph.ras.ru

Area of major philosophical interest(s): moral philosophy, normative ethics, philosophical issues of war and peace, education, human relations


Maxell C. Aranilla

Makati City 1211


Email: frmxl@hotmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Thomism, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Education


Francisco Arenas-Dolz
Departament de Filosofia del Dret, Moral i Política
Facultat de Filosofia i Ciències de l'Educació
Universitat de València
Valencia, Spain
Email: francisco.arenas@uv.es
Website: es.linkedin.com/in/franciscoarenasdolz/
-Area of major philosophical interest(s): civic media, ethics, hermeneutics, political philosophy, rhetoric


Aman Arora
Opp-Bharat Electronics
PUNE-411021. India
Email: aman22jan@rediffmail.com
Website: www.gecities.com/aman22jan
Area of major philosophical interest(s): Environmental impacts of development


Neerja Arun

International Programs,

Study Abroad Program and Courses for NRIs

Gujarat University

Gujarat, India 

Email: aayusharun@yahoo.co.in 

Website: www.gujaratuniversity.org.in

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Indian Philosophy, Indian Poetics, Yoga & Meditation, Literature


Yubraj Aryal

Department of Philosoph

Purdue University

West Lafayette, Indiana, IN 47907

Email: yaryal@purdue.edu

Area of major philosophical interest(s): critical theories, aesthetics, postmodernism


Farid Assifa

Philosophy Faculty

Gadjah Mada University

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Email: read_blu@yahoo.com

Area of Major philosophical interest (s): Philosophy of Education


Rifat Atay

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Theology Faculty

Akdeniz Universitesi

Antalya, Turkey

Email: rifatay@yahoo.com

Website:  http://ilahiyat.akdeniz.edu.tr/_dinamik/169/126.pdf

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Philosophy of Religion, Religious Pluralism, Rumi Studies, Cinema and Philosophy, Gender Studies, Poetry and Philosophy


D. Selcen O. Aykac

Faculty of Management

Sabanci University

Orhanli Tuzla

Istanbul, Turkey

Email: selcenaykac@sabanciuniv.edu / selcen@selcen.org

Website: www.selcen.org

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Consumer Behavior, Services

Ramani Ayyagari 

Professor, India

Email:  Ramani_ayyagari @rediffmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): philosophy of value based education, philosophy of social sciences 





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