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The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy

Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change

Studies on the cultural sources and foundations of values and the role of this heritage in building the future


George F. McLean, General Editor



Series IIIC, Central Asia

IIIC.1  Spiritual Values and Social Progress; Uzbekistan Philosophical Studies, I, Said Shermukhamedov and Victoriya Levinskaya, eds. ISBN 1-56518-143-3 (paper). 2000.


IIIC.2 Abdumalik Nysanbayev, Kazakhstan: Cultural Inheritance and Social Transformation; Kazakh Philosophical Studies, I. ISBN 1-56518-203-0 (paper). 2004.


IIIC.3 Gulnara A. Bakieva, Social Memory and Contemporaneity; Kyrgic Philosophical Studies, IISBN 978-1-56518-234-9 (paper). 2007.






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