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 RVP University Centers








Edward J. Alam

Notre Dame University-Louaize

Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon







Yuriy Pochta

Ruzana Pskhu

Department of History of Philosophy

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Russian People's Friendship Univeristy

Moscow, Russia





Dan Chitoiu

Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences

Al. I.Cuza University 

Iasi, Romania







K.Remi Rajani

Department of Philosophy

Andhra University


Andhra Pradesh, India







Li Deshun

China Association of Values and Philosophy

Chinese Univesrity of Politics and Law

Beijing, P.R. China





Gong Qung

School of Philosophy

Renmin (People's) University of China

Beijing, P.R. China





He Xirong

Institute of Philosophy

Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Shanghai, P.R. China





Zou Shipeng

School of Philosophy

Fudan University

Shanghai, P.R. China





Wang Tianen

School of Humanities

Shanghai University

Shanghai, P.R. China






Huang Chao

School of Philosophy

Wuhan University

Wuhan, P.R. China






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