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Robert Peter Badillo
International Institute for Metaphysical and Mystical Studies (Rome, Italy)
Area of major philosophical interest(s): Metaphysics, Philosophical Anthropology, Ethics


Ronald Olufemi Badru

Department of Politics & International Relations

Lead City University

Department of Philosophy

Saints Peter & Paul Major Seminary

Ibadan, Nigeria

Email: femmydamak@gmail.com; femmydamak@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): philosophy of international relations, African Metaphysics and Epistemology, Environmental Ethics Democracy and Governance, Global Justice,  Peace & Conflict Issues, etc


Haidar Bagir

Islamic College for Advanced Studies

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Email: haidar@cbn.net.id

Area of major philosophical interest(s):Islamic Philosophy and Mysticism


Cody Bahir


Tamalpais Rd, Berkeley, CA 94708

Email: codsh@gmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Daoist Philosophy, Chan, (Chinese Zen) Buddhism, Medieval Jewish Philosophy and Mysticism


Don Baker

Department of Asian Studies,

University of British Columbia

Email: don.baker@ubc.ca

Area of major philosophical interest(s) : Korean philosophy, Confucian philosophy, comparative ethics


Anca Baicoianu

University of Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania
Email: ancabaicoianu@yahoo.com 

Area of major philosophical interest(s) Cultural Identity,  Inter-Cultural Relationship


Jurate Baranova
Department of Philosophy

Vilnius Pedagogical University Lithuania

Vilnius Lithuania

Area of major philosophical interest(s):  The Political Philosophy, The Philosophy of History, Ethics: Philosophy as a Practice, XX Century Moral Philosophy: Conversation with Kant


Arati Barua

Deshbandhu College

Delhi University

Delhi, India.

Email arati_barua@rediffmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s):  Schopenhauer's philosophy,  Applied Ethics


Radmila Batomunkueva

The Chief of International Cooperation Centre at the UNESCO Chair in Environmental Ethics  at the East-Siberian State Technical University of Technology

Ulan-Ude, Buryatia, Russian Federation

Email: int_centre@yahoo.com

Website: www.esstu.ru

Area of major philosophical interest(s): environmental ethics, social ethics, sustainable development.


Richard Bergeon

Gonzaga University

Spokane, WA 99218, USA

Email: bergeonfu@msn.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): servant and value-based intercultural leadership.


Ranjan Kumar Behera

Department of Philosophy

Patkai Christian College (Autonomous),

Nagaland- 797103 , India

Email: ranjan_kuni@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): logic, ethics, Indian philosophy, Religion.


Ajit Kumar Behura

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences,

ISM Dhanbad- 826004, India

Email: ajitbehura@yahoo.com        

Area of major philosophical interest(s)  Applied Ethics, Value Theory, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Man, Philosophy of Religion, Gandhian thought and Peace Studies.


Bertold Bernreuter

Polylog: Forum for Intercultural Philosophy

Amberg, Germany

Email: bernreuter@polylog.org

Website: http://www.polylog.org

 Area of major philosophical interest(s): Intercultural philosophy, Comparative philosophy, Latin American philosophy, African philosophy, Social and political philosophy, Theory of Culture, Theory of community


John Ayotunde (Tunde) Isola Bewaji

Department of Language, Linguistics and Philosophy,

University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Kingston 7, Jamaica, West Indies

Email: tundebewaji@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Philosophy of Leadership, African Philosophy, Sceptical Epistemology, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Culture, Philosophy and Economics of Religion, Political Philosophy, Philosophy in Distance Education, Law Enforcement Ethics, Business and Sports Ethics.


Asha Bhandari

Email: jitesh_bhandari@sify.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Comperitive study of Indian and Western Philosophy, Value education, Moral and Religeous Philosophy, Gandhian Philosophy, Human right, Jainism, etc.


S. Bhavanandan

Department of Philosophy

A.M. Jain College

(University of Madras Affiliated College)

Meenambakkam, Chennai - 600 114, India

Email: bhavanandan_s@hotmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Environmental Ethical Issues; Religion -Social and Philosophical implications; Education for the present day society


Jolanta Bieliauskaite

Department of Philosophy of Law and Legal History

Mykolas Romeris University

Vilnius, Lithuania

Email: jolanta.bieliauskaite@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): philosophy of law, legal ethics, value-based education.


Osman Bilen
Dokuz Eylul University,

Ilahiyat Faculty,

Izmir, Turkey

Email: osman.bilen@deu.edu.tr

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Hermeneutics, Philosophy of Social Sciences, Contemporary Ýslamic Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Religion.


Mubabinge Bilolo

Institut Africain d'Etudes Prospectives,

Kinshasa, Congo

Email:  afrobook@yahoo.de  bilolodr@yahoo.de

Area of major philosophical interest(s): African Philosophy and Religions, Ancient Egyptian Thought, Intercultural Philosophy, Moral philosophy 


Jeffrey Bloechl

Department of Philosophy

Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA, USA

Email: bloechl@bc.edu

Area of major philosophical interest(s): philosophy of religion, phenomenology, existentialism


Sorin Bocancea

Philosophy Department

"Petre Andrei" University of Iasi

Iasi, Romania

Email: sorinboc@yahoo.com 

Area of major philosophical interest(s): political philosophy, ancient philosophy, ideology and European studies


Josef Bordat

Rubensstrasse, Berlin, Germany
Email: josef_bordat@hotmail.com
Area of major philosophical interest(s): ethics, metaphysics, philosophy of religion


Bijoy H. Boruah

 Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 208016 INDIA

Website: http://www.iitk.ac.in

Email: boruah@iitk.ac.in

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Value Theory, Philosophy of Culture and Civilization, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophical Aesthetics


Pradana Boy ZTF

Faculty of Islamic Studies UMM, Jl. Raya Tlogo Mas No. 246 

Malang-East Java- Indonesia

Email: pradana77@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Epistemology, Islamic philosophy, Hermeneutics and Phenomenology


Elinor L. Brown

College of Education

University of Kentucky

Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0017

Email: elbrown@uky.edu

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Education in a culturally, diverse society, The influence of  culture and social norms on the socialization process, motivation, and self-concepts of children, and the moral responsibility of educators in a global economy


Andrew Browne

The Lodge, Wigginton Heath, Banbury, Oxon OX15 4LQ, UK.

Email: Hemprops@aol.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Aesthetics and Film 


André Bueno


UNESPAR (university of parana), campi FAFIUV.

União da Vitória, Paraná

Brazil, 84600-000

Email: orientalismo@gmail.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Chinese history; Chinese philosophy; Orientalism; education; new Confucianism (or, posConfucianism)


Smaranda Buju

Technical University Gheorghe Asachi of Iasi

Iasi. Romania

Email: athos1612@yahoo.com    

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Anthropology, Phenomenology, Spirituality, Psychology, Pedagogy


Tadeusz Buksinski

Institut of Philosophy

Adam Mickiewicz University

60678 Poznan, Poland

Email: tabu@main.amu.edu.pl

Area of major philosophical interest(s): Political philosophy, Western philosophy


Dawid Bunikowski

University of Eastern Finland Law School

Postdoctoral Researcher

Torun School of Banking (Poland)

Email: dawid.bunikowski@uef.fi

Website: https://www2.uef.fi/fi/oikeustieteet/bunikowskihttp://www.law.cf.ac.uk/clr/people/Bunikowski.html

Area of major philosophical interest(s): legal, moral and social philosophy, jurisprudence, law and morality, values in law and society, axiology and axiology of law, public morality, multiculturalism in the North, anthropology, Christianity, law and religion, historical, theoretical, and axiological foundations of the European legal culture, axiology in Europe (and the EU law), business ethics, language philosophy


Olga Burukina

The Department of Economic Systems Analysis

The Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Moscow, Russia

Email: oburukina@yahoo.com

Area of major philosophical interest(s): cross-cultural communication, national and global values, ethnopsycholinguistics





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