RVP International Conferences 1998

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November 4-6

Vienna, Austria

Globalization and Identity

November 10-13

Moscow, Russia

Dialogue between Civilizations: West-East

November 18-20

Tashkent, Uzbekstan

 Humanity, Spiritual Values and Social Progress

December 2-4

Delhi, India

The Relation between Cultures: India and China 

December 6-7

Varanasi, India

The Spirit of Hinduism

December 8-10

Bodhgaya, India

The Relation between Cultures: Buddhism and Hinduism

December 11-12

Shantiniketan, India 

The Hindu Roots of Buddhism: Nature

December 14-15 

Hyderabad, India

The Hindu Roots of Buddhism: Society

December 17-18

Chennai/Madras, India 

 The Hindu Roots of Buddhism: Spirituality





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