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 January 9-13

New Delhi, India 

Human Person and Human Rights

January 14-16

Chandigarh, India

Person as Culture: From Personal Interests to Cultural Traditions 

 Person and Challenges of Modernity: From Rationalism to Depersonalization 

January 17-20

Pune, India

  Persons and Peoples in Global Times 

January 21-23

Hyderabad, India 

 Metaphysical Reconstruction of Person


January 24-28


Chennai, India

Post-modern Culture and the  Contemporary World 

The Changing Face of Religion in the Third Millennium

From Person t0 peoples and Cultures in A  Global Age

February 2-5

Visva-Bharati, India

Person and the Challenges of Modernity: Indian Context

Person and its Metaphysical Foundations:  From Shadows to the Light of Wisdom

February 12

Colombo, Sri Lanka

The Process of Deconstruction/Reconstruction of Values in Asian Societies

June 4-5

Milan, Italy

Cooperation between Cultures and the Integration of Europe in a Global Age


 June 7-8

Bucharest, Romania

Education and Multiculturalism: National Unity and Global Solidarity


June 9-10

 Sinaia, Romania

Religion and Culture after Modernity



June 12-18


Tehran, Iran

Democracy and Philosophy Today

Modernity/Postmodernity , Religion and Values


June 18-22

Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change


June 24-25

Almaty, Kazakhstan 

Dialogue of National Cultures in Global Processes of Contemporary World


June 28-July 1

Shanghai, P.R.China

Cultural Traditions and Social Progress


July 3-4

Wuhan, P.R. China

Fostering the National Spirit in a Global Age


July 30 -August 1 

Salzburg, Austria

Cultures - Religions - Globalisation: Living Together in a Global Age 


October 15-17

Washington, D.C. 

Ghanaian Diaspora Network

November 22

Washington, D.C. 

Civic Organizations and EU Institutions






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