RVP International Conferences 2007

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International Conferences












May 12 

Ottawa, Canada 


Accountability in Pubic Service: Combing the Public and
the Personal 



May 18-24


Tehran, Iran

Faith, Reason and Peace in a Global Age



May 26-27


Istanbul, Turkey

Religious, Political and Ethical Development in Turkey Today



May 31-June 1


 Tbilisi, Georgia



Responsibility in a Global Age


 June 4-5


Donetsk, Ukraine


Justice and Common Good: The Problem of Moral Decline in Post-Soviet World


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June 8-9


Poznan, Poland 


The Idea of Solidarity in Philosophical and Social Contexts 



June 11-12 


 Warsaw, Poland


The Secular and the Sacred Suggestions in the Encyclical of Pope John Paul II Laborem Exercens



June 29-30


Hong Kong

Public Administration as Public Service



July 1-2




Dailogue among Religions, Cultures and Civilizations



July 6-7


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 


 Philosophy in the New Age of Religious and Cultural Pluralism





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