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Invitation to an International Conference


Religions in the Public Spheres



Institute of Philosophy

Adam Mickiewicz University

Poznan, Poland

June 24-26, 2010





Times of change provide special opportunities to discuss societies most important issues. In the contemporary world the status of religions has emerged as of especially urgent interest. Earlier popular ideas and paradigms on this subject and wide spread until recent years are now challenged. Paradoxically as a secular age we note the revival of religions. Thus the search is for a new paradigm, that enables mutual understanding and communication between the sacred and the secular spheres. The conference should be a voice in public debate concerning the presence of religion in public spaces.


The conference will consist of three days of general sessions. Each will be devoted to topics important to various societies. A detailed program will be sent to all registered participants before the conference.


Papers presenting previously unpublished research are solicited, in particular concerning normative issues or related to practical applications of principles and paradigms in different countries and cultures. The submitted papers (or their preliminary drafts) will be evaluated by the Steering Committee.


Papers should be approximately of 10-15 pages in length ( double- spaced text) in a font 10-12 points. Papers should be sent in electronic form (Microsoft Word although Word Perfect and a PDF files are also accepted) to tabu@amu.edu.pl


E-mail submission of proposals for papers are expected by January 1, 2010 and the full text by March 1, 2010.


The Organizers assure for the participants the following services: hotel accommodation ( bed and breakfast), lunch and dinner for all three days.





Professor Tadeusz Buksinski

Director of the Institute of Philosophy

Adam Mickiewicz University

Poznan, Poland

Email: tabu@amu.edu.pl









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