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Invitation to an International Conference


Values of the Human Person: Contemporary Challenges



The Faculty of Philosophy

The University of Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania

June 3-4, 2011





Times of changes provide special opportunities to discuss important philosophical issues. The aim of this conference is to focus attention on the values of the human person considered under the impact of the contemporary process of globalization. Paradoxically, continuous qualitative increase and diversification of knowledge cause more and more fragmentation in the human understanding of oneself and one’s cultural and social environment. This threatens human civilization in new ways.


From this perspective new challenges are addressed to the humanities, knowledge and culture, arts, natural sciences, sociology. These call in turn for a diagnosis of classical, modern and postmodern models of theoretical, scientific, political and artistic thinking with regard to the main human values of the human being. The discussion of these issues will serve as a propedeutic to the 23rd World Congress of Philosophy in Athens, 2013, whose theme is “Philosophy as Inquiry and Way of Life”.


Organizaing Committee


Professor Romulus Brancoveanu, Dean of the Faculty ofPhilosophy (rbrancoveanu@yahoo.com)

Professor Mihaela Pop (pop.mihaela.a@gmail.com)

Professor Savu Totu

Professor Viorel Vizureanu

The Faculty of Philosophy

The University of Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania


The selection of the Conference papers will be conducted on the basis of submitted applications and abstracts (up to 3500 signs in English) which should be sent via e-mail by April 5, 2011 to: Professor Romulus Brancoveanu – http:// www.ub-filosofie.ro;brancoveanu@ub-filosofie.ro.


The schedule of the conference will be sent to the participants by the end of April, 2011.


There will be no application fee.


Travel and accommodation expenses are to be covered by participants or their home institutions. The organizers can book rooms in the University Hotel at 25 Euros/day. The Students Cantina can provide food for a total amount of around 20-25 Euros per day.



Scientific Degree

Place of work and position


Title of the submitted paper

Abstract of the paper (about 300 words)

Notes (requests, wishes)









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