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 Invitation to an International conference

Spiritual Foundations and Chinese Culture:

A Philosophical Approach

Taipei, Taiwan                                                                   December 13-14, 2013




Institute of Scholastic Philosophy

Fu Jen Academia Catholica

Fu Jen Catholic University

Taipei, Taiwan





Taiwanese society shares its influence and inspiration from Chinese culture as well as a number of other cultures. With increased globalization, as cultures more rapidly and hastily encounter one another and there is risk of disorder. To make these encounters more fruitful, there is need to probe into both spiritual foundations of Chinese culture which occupies a central role in the thinking of Taiwanese society, and its relation to the spiritual foundations of other cultures.


The institute of Scholastic Philosophy at the Fujen University has long history in promoting dialogue and comparative philosophies between East and West. In this context it seeks a path towards true dialogue between scholastic philosophy and Chinese culture. The conference will be held in the spirit of promoting true and open philosophical dialogue between different cultures.


Knowledge of the spiritual foundations of Chinese culture and their relations to other spiritual foundations will help in the search for a more promising society. This must be home to multiple cultures without losing their proper foundations. Papers based on this conference theme are invited in the following areas:


1.  The analysis of spiritual foundations of Chinese culture and its relation to other cultures.

2. Comparative philosophical studies of Chinese and other cultures.

3. Theories and practices of dialogues between different cultures in such fields as literature, music, or the arts.

4. How the East can receive Western thinking.



There is no registration fee; participants cover their travel. The organizer will provide room and lunches and a banquet to those whose papers are accepted.



The deadline for submitting the abstract is October 15, 2013 and the full paper November 15, 2013. All abstracts and papers should be sent to Fu Li Yiing at [fj03111@mail.fju.edu.tw].


Registration (online registration website address: http://ppt.cc/Y99O)


Scientific Degree:

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Katia Lenehan

Assistant Research fellow

Director, Institute of Scholastic Philosophy

Fu Jen Academia Catholica 

Fu Jen University

Taipei, Taiwan










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