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International Conferences 2014

 Invitation to an International Conference

Values and Identity in the World of Today

 Iași, Romania                                      June 21-22, 2014


in cooperation with

Romanian Academy (Iași Branch)
Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași







The aim of the conference is to discuss the relationship between traditional values and cultural identity in the rapid present day global changes. Since cultural and spiritual traditions are vital for preserving the personal and the communitarian identity, it is necessary to reach the authentic meaning of tradition in a cultural context. The values are connected with specific cultural realities and moreover are dynamic since they subject to the continuous evolution of human society. On the other hand, as traditions are under the impact of changing and dynamic values, their preservation is an active and creative process.


The main topics of discussion will be:

-  The actual understanding of values and identity in various cultural perspectives, regarding the fact that there are some time sensitive differences in approaching them.

-  Defining the role of spirituality in the world of today.

-  As we celebrate 25 years from the fall of Berlin Wall, an analysis of what happened since then in Europe and World regarding the assuming of cultural values and spiritual traditions.



300 words and a C.V. to Dan Chițoiu dan811@yahoo.com  and cua-rvp@cua.edu until April 30 2014. Presentation of accepted papers will be 20 minutes in length followed by 20 minutes discussion. Full papers (for which in order to promote in-depth investigation there is no upper page limit) will be due by October 1 for publication.



Romanian Academy (Iași Branch) and Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași



All travel expenses and accommodation will be covered by participants (or their institutions); meals will be covered by organizers.



Dan Chițoiu

Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași

Iași, Romania







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