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Invitation to an International Conference

Extremist and Social Peace

May 11-12                                  Jakarta, Indonesia





Paramadina University






Extremism, in any forms, is a symptom of a growing catastrophe in the present world. No matter which kind of extremism is--religious, non-religious or anti-religious motive and its background, including extreme arrogance--this contemporary social pathology is life threatening. A devastated social order, a crisis of humanity, decline of civilization, absence of peace are global existential threats we face today from Jerusalem to Kandahar, from Aleppo to Kiev, from the Pentagon to Riyadh.


Ignorance and reluctance to acknowledge this fact makes our situation worse. If Hannah Arendt says, “Violence is a result of failure in human communication” then “The present malaise and catastrophe is a result of failure in man’s knowledge”. Alexis Carrel, a Nobel Prize Winner, says, “Modern man is a stranger in the world that he has created. He has been incapable of organizing this world because he did not possess a practical knowledge of his own nature”.


This conference will provide a chance to talk about the world and ourselves. It will raise deep questions in a broad framework to uncover the underlying root causes of extremism as a psycho-sociopathic phenomenon in the modern world.


Questions on existing extremism will be examined under three perspectives, namely, Critical Social Theory, Culture, and Philosophy. The first perspective will employ root cause analysis on extremism as a social phenomenon. The second will conceive extremism as a product of a certain mentality. The third will endeavor to apply philosophical reflection on extremism as a mode of human action. It is expected that each analysis will generate fresh ideas and understanding on this ruthless peril for humanity and civilization. Those interested to contributing are welcome.


On the basis of the above description, the conference theme has five sub-themes:

1.      Extremism, Social Peace and Justice

2.      Extremism, Desperation, and the Irrational

3.      Radicalism and Instrumental Reason

4.      The Role of Islamic Intellectual Tradition in Eliminating Religious Extremism

5.      The Postmodern Age and Extremism



Scholars who are interested with this issue are kindly invited to submit their papers. Abstracts of 250-300 words with a short vita are to be sent to husain_heri@yahoo.com by April 28, 2014. Full papers can be sent by May, 5, 2014. Final papers for publication, which hopefully will be published by Paramadina University and RVP in a joint volume, are due on October 5, 2014. 


The conference will not charge any fees. Participants, however, will cover their own travel and accommodation. The organizer will provide meals. The conference will be held at the Paramadina University, in South Jakarta (it takes approximately one hour from Soekarno Hatta Airport, Cengkareng). 



Husain Heriyanto

Paramadina University

Jakarta, Indonesia








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