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 Invitation to an International Conference

Islam as Unity in Plurality

Moscow, Russia                                              April 24-25, 2014



in cooperation with

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Faculty of Humanitarian and Social Studies

Department of History of Philosophy &

Centre of Humanitarian Education in Comparative Studies




The conference will seek to discuss the problems of Islamic Studies from different points of view. The broad disciplinary extent of the conference makes possible participation by specialists in the different areas of the humanities. In particular the conference will search for ways of understanding the fundamental grounds of Islamic culture, discuss the root scientific issues and spiritual foundations of the values, virtues and metaphysics of Islamic cultures, and seek to build relations between scholars.

Of special interest will be discussion of contemporary problems of Islamic studies. In this light papers are invited for the following four sessions:


1. Islam as a tradition.

2. Islam as a cultural system.

3. Problems in understanding Muslim cultures.

4. Islam as a political factor in modern life.


As first information on this conference please note the following:


 Date: Thursday, 24 April – Friday, 25 April 2014.


 Venue: Campus of the Russian Peoples’ Friendship University, Moscow, Russia


 A one page abstract should be submitted by 9 April, 2014 to Assistant Professor Ruzana Pskhur.pskhu@mail.ru and cua-rvp@cua.edu. Presentation of accepted papers will be 20 minutes in length followed by 30 minute discussion. Full papers for which there is no upper page limit will be due by July 1 for publication.


 Number of participants will be around 40.


 Logistics: All travel expenses and accommodation will be covered by participants (or their institutions); lunch/dinner will be covered by PFU; visa support will be provided by PFU.





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