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International Conferences 2014

 Invitation to an International Conference

Reconstruction of Values and Morality in Global Times

December 18-19, 2014                                  Yangzhou, P.R. China




Yangzhou University



In order to promote academic research on issues related to ethics and values, to enhance cultural exchanges, and broaden the international perspective of Chinese scholars, especially the young scholars, the Yangzhou University will hold an international conference "Reconstruction of Values and Morality in Global Times” December 18-19, 2014, Yangzhou, P.R. China.



Ethics and values are core components of development of cultural traditions and the nation's heritage.It is significant to carry on and reconstruct these important components according to our changing times and circumstances. In the era of globalization, one indisputable inevitable fact is that differentcultures and civilizations must interact, learn from each other in order to enrich and to be enriched through mutual understanding. This can bring mutual recognition and mutual knowledge on ethics and values.


It requires open dialogue among scholars from different backgrounds and different countries to explore how to build a common search and understanding based on mutual respect and consensus among different nations and cultures and peoples on the issue of ethics and values. Particularly, in the situation of today’s growing global crisis it needs us to think together the meaning of ethics and values, the reconstruction of new ethics and new values based on common concerns for our humandestiny and mutual cares and respects for our entire human community by overcoming the culturalarrogance and superiority, so that we can search new meaning and aspiration for the future. Thus, it would be possible to find a way to the solution of the global crisis of ethics and values and toreconstruction and reproduction of multicultural dialogue.


This conference aims at clarifying fundamental issues related to ethics and values ​​in different cultures and circumstances; to study the main challenges facing the era of globalization​​; to learn the latest achievements of international academic research; to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation among scholars from different disciplines; and to encourage young scholars’ to go deeper into these central issues in order to improve academic standards and capabilities.



(1) The main challenge of ethics and values in the age of globalization

(2) Basic problems of different cultures in ethics and values

(3) globalization and anti-globalization: two different ethics and values

(4) Business Ethics in the era of globalization

(5) political values ​​in the era of globalization

(6) Ecological Morality in the era of globalization

(7) freedom and democracy: universal values ​​or special examples

(8) Chinese traditional culture: how to reconstruct it in the era of globalization?



There is no registration fee. Participants will cover their own travel costs. 


The application should include:

1) a vitae that specifies the applicants educational background, professional positions and affiliations, and publications;

2) a letter of intent; and

3) the abstract of the paper by October 30, 2014; full paper by December 10, 2014.


Please send all the information to Liu Yong [liuyong@yzu.edu.cnand cua-rvp@cua.edu



Liu Yong

Yangzhou University

Yangzhou, P.R. China








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