London-Tilburg, 2015

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 Invitation to A Double Book Launch

The Catholic Church and the Magisterium:

On the Crossroads of a Post-Christian Society



Conference Program




Heythrop College, London, on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tilburg University (Utrecht campus), Thursday, June 25, 2015



The old models don’t work anymore. The Catholic Church is breaking open new ground. To investigate this new situation, an international project “Faith in a Secular Age” has been launched by the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP) under the general direction of Charles Taylor, José Casanova and George F. McLean.

As part of this project, two books have been published (on paper, yet also in open access, see The first one, Towards a Kenotic Vision of Authority in the Catholic Church, edited by Anthony J. Carroll, Marthe Kerkwijk, Michael Kirwan, and James Sweeney, is a collaborative effort of, mainly, British researchers, led by faculty of Heythrop College, London. The second one, A Catholic Minority Church in a World of Seekers, edited by Staf Hellemans and Peter Jonkers, includes contributions of social scientists, philosophers, and theologians from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany-Austria, with Tilburg University in the lead.


Preliminary Program: 

At Heythrop College, four contributors to the first of the above volumes and the two editors of the second volume on the Catholic Church will present their ideas on the Magisterium.

At the Utrecht campus of the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology, four authors of the second of the above volumes and two contributors to the volume on the Magisterium will discuss the possible appeal of the Church in the world of the seekers.

The books as well as the conferences focus on the present position and the future prospects of the Catholic Church in a post-Christian cultural world.

A detailed program will be distributed in spring 2015.




There is no registration fee. All travel expenses and accommodations will be covered by participants (or their institutions).


Anthony J. Carroll

Heythrop College

London, Great Britain



Peter Jonkers

Tilburg University

The Netherlands






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