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Invitation to an International Conference

 African Philosophical and Intellectual Responses to the Development Crisis in Africa


June 10-14, 2015                                                                Abakaliki, Nigeria



in cooperation with

 Ebonyi State University

Conference Program




This conference focuses on evaluating the responses of the African intelligentsia to the current development crisis in the continent as well as encouraging reflections on the recurrent issues in the development crises such as the need to evolve a viable indigenous development oriented ideology that would adequately address such issues as identity and its construction in the context of globalization and cultural pluralism, determinism, freedom and responsibility, the individual and the collective, justice in plural, multi-cultural and international contexts, faith and reason in the public sphere, etc.   



- Classifications of Responses such as: Afro-pessimism; Re-colonization thesis; Nationalism; Afro-constructivism

- African Theories of Development

- Justice and Development

- Ideology and Development

Freedom and Responsibility

- Ideology, Dterminism and the Mechanisms of Change

- Globalization, Pluralism and the State

- Faith and Reason in the Public Sphere and Development


There is no registration fee. Participants will cover their own travel costs and hotel. 


The application should include:

1) a vita that specifies the applicants educational background, professional positions and affiliations, and publications;

2) a letter of intent; and

3) the abstract of the paper by April 1, 2015; full paper by June 1, 2015.


Please send all the information to Joseph C. A. Agbakoba (, Jerry C. Chukwuokolo ( and



Joseph C. A. Agbakoba

Jerry C. Chukwuokolo




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