Tiangjing, P.R. China, 2015

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 Invitation to an International Conference

Justice and Responsibility in Multiple Cultures

 Tianjing, P.R. China                                      July 17-19, 2015


in cooperation with

Nankai University



Conference Program



The issue of justice and responsibility in the context of multi-cultures is both a theoretical and practical one. It is certain that the pursuit of justice is one of most basic values ​​of human beings, and the responsibility of fulfillment of the value of justice is the highest obligation. However, in the multi-cultural background, different nations, different countries and evendifferent social strata within a country have different understandings of justice and responsibility with their significant cultural differences. Such cultural differences haveprofound impact on internal systems and social policies of a nation-state, on the one hand, and also on a reasonable construction and development of the global world order. Particularly since this century, with the ever more complexity of the world situation, the issue of justice and responsibility has become even most important in economic exchange, political interaction, cultural and diplomatic activities and military operations among nations.


Therefore, there is an urgent need for us to study such questions: Are there or may be some commonalities or basic understandings which can help us reach some consensus of understanding justice in the context of multi-cultures? Is it possible to generate a justice theory which is more inclusive and respectful to cultural differences? How to deal with the relationship between justice and interest? Is it possible and how to implement the justice principle in the solution of various conflicts and confrontations? What is the responsibility of a nation in the international affairs? What are the basic responsibilities the government and citizens should play in a nation-state? Is it possible for both of them to exemplify the value of justice? Or how can the value of justice be expressed in the responsibilities of a nation, its government and its citizens? And so on. No doubt, all these issues are crucial in relation to the social harmony and world peace.



Please send 300 words and a brief C.V. to the contact Professor Yan Mengwei  yanmw@vip.sina.com and cua-rvp@cua.edu until April 30 2015. Presentation of accepted papers will be 20 minutes in length followed by 20 minutes discussion. Full papers (for which in order to promote in-depth investigation there is no upper page limit) will be due by October 1 for publication.



There is no registration fee. All travel expenses and hotel cost will be covered by participants (or their institutions). The local organizer will cover meals and coffee/tea during the conference.



Yan Mengwei  

Department of Philosophy

Nankai University

Tianjing, P.R. China








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