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 Invitation to an International Conference 

Ethos and Violence

Spetember 12-13, 2016                                     Poznań, Poland



in cooperation with

 Poznań Society of Friends of Sciences

Institute of Philosophy, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań

Conference Program




Relationships existing between ethoses and violence are usually reflected upon ex post, when they escalate into conflicts, crises or wars. The new world order which emerged after 1989 and after the end of the Cold War is now undergoing another transformation. The current stage of the transformation, quite vague and ambiguous, is marked by the symbolic date of the September 11 attacks.

        The Greek term of “ethos” can be translated as character or custom, either of a single individual or of a human community. Violence can be defined as an experience inflicted on and suffered by man, usually accompanied by cruelty, suffering and humiliation. Humanists argue whether in discussions about violence towards animals the term is used metaphorically or realistically.

        The main goals of the Conference are to explore, clarify and gain in-depth insights into the specific characteristics of historical and cultural contexts in which the current ethoses have come into being. A particularly important aspect relates to determining the violence potential of ethoses. However, we do not want to confine ourselves to establishing a diagnosis. Without losing sight of the risks and traps which are associated with utopian thinking, we encourage Conference participants to formulate normative projects for the emancipation of ethoses from violence. Violence-containing ethics stands a chance to become a sound basis for a universal communicative cooperation.



1.      Ethos of war

2.      Ethos and politics

3.      Crime without a perpetrator

4.      Ethos of art

5.      Ethos of education vs. violence

6.      Human rights against violence

7.      Violence and religion

8.      Violence, language, hate speech

9.      The Internet and postmodern forms of violence

10.  Wrong, redress of wrong and forgiveness


The conference fee is Euro 100. Travel costs are to be covered by the participants. The organizer of the Conference will cover the costs of stay.



The application should include:

1) a vita that specifies the applicants educational background, professional positions and affiliations, and publications;

2) a letter of intent; and

3) the abstract of the paper by July 30, 2016; full paper by August 20, 2016.


Please send all the information to alex@amu.edu.pl, dobrzan@amu.edu.pl  and cua-rvp@cua.edu  



Dariusz Dobrzanski and Przemyslaw Strzyzynski

Institute of Philosophy

Adam Mickiewicz University

Poznań, Poland





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