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 Invitation to an RVP Project on

Re-Learning to Be Human for Global Times:

Challenges and Opportunities


International Symposium

Learning to be Human for Global Times:

Challenges and Opportunities from the Perspective of Contemporary Philosophy of Religion


April 7 – 8, 2017

University of Vienna, Austria




  • Mag. Dr. Brigitte Buchhammer

  • Univ. Prof. i.R. Dr. Herta Nagl-Docekal

Institutional Cooperation 

  • Interdisciplinary Research Platform: ‘Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society’, University of Vienna;

  • Austrian Academy of Sciences;

  • The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy, Washington, D.C.


  • Campus of the University of Vienna, Spitalgasse 2 (Hof 1, Kapelle)

Working Language

  • English



Friday, April 7, 2017



13.00 – 13.30         Welcome Address & Introduction


13.30 – 15.00         Chair: Ludwig Nagl


13.30 – 14.00         Kurt Appel / University of Vienna

                               The Humanistic Potential of Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit


14.00 – 14.30         Thomas M. Schmidt / Goethe University Frankfurt

                                The Search for Lost Intimacy. Georges Bataille on Religion as Immanent Human Experience                                            

14.30 – 15.00         Angela Kallhoff / University of Vienna

                               Rescue Cases and Environmental Duties in the Climate Crisis



15.00 – 15.15    coffee break



15.15 – 16.45         Chair: Claudia Melica


15.15 – 15.45         Birgit Heller / University of Vienna

                              To Whom It Concerns. Humanity and Dignity in Interreligious Perspective


15.45 – 16.15         Maureen Junker-Kenny / Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

                               Re-learning to be Human: Translations Between Religions and Cultures as Case Studies of

                                Mutual Learning


16.15 – 16.45         Sandra Lehmann / University of Vienna

                               Messianic Cessation and the Praxis of the Neighbor



16.45 – 17.00   coffee break



17.00 – 18.30         Chair: Herta Nagl-Docekal


17.00 – 17.30          Stephan Steiner / Katholische Akademie Berlin

                                Emersonian Anxieties. The Age of Anthropocene and the Legacy of Humanism


17.30 – 18.00         Cornelia Esianu / Alexandru-Ioan-Cuza-University of Iaşi, Rumänien

                                The Conception of Love in Immanuel Kant and Friedrich Schlegel: Its Relevance for a                                 Comprehensive Theory of the Human Being


18.00 – 18.30         Brigitte Buchhammer / University of Vienna

                                Philosophy as an Advocate of the Whole Humanity: Moral Enhancement Theories – A Current

                                 Philosophical Problem 



19.00   dinner



Saturday, April 8, 2017



10.30 – 12.00        Chair: Thomas M. Schmidt


10.30 – 11.00         Ludwig Nagl / University of Vienna

                               What is it to be a Human Being? Charles Taylor on "the Full Shape of the Human Linguistic



11.00 – 11.30         Carlo Willmann / Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, Vienna

                              Empathy - Attention - Responsability. Milestones to Humanity by Edith Stein, Simone Weil

                               and Dag Hammarskjöld and their Relevance in the World of Today


11.30 – 12.00         Rita Perintfalvi / Ökumenischer Verband der Theologinnen Ungarns

                              (Re)-Learning to be Human in Central and Eastern Europe: If Political Authoritarianism is

                              Flirting with Religious Fundamentalism



12.00 – 14.00   lunch break



14.00 – 15.30         Chair: Maureen Junker-Kenny


14.00 –14.30         Herta Nagl-Docekal / University of Vienna

                               Educating Humanity. A Core Concern of Kant’s Philosophy of History


14.30 – 15.00         Leonhard Weiss / Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences Vienna

                               'The Human Being – A Beginner'. The Anthropological Foundations and Current  

                                 Relevance of Hannah Arendt’s Understanding of Childhood and Education


15.00 – 15.30         Claudia Melica / Sapienza University Rome

                               ‘Menschlichkeit’. Lessing’s Ideal Model for Culture, Religion and Ethics Today



15.30 – 15.45    coffee break



15.45 – 17.15         Chair:  Cornelia Esianu


15.45 – 16.15         Isabella Guanzini / University of Graz

                              Humanisation and Desire. The Symbolic Dimensions in the Thinking of Jacques Lacan


16.15 – 16.45         Elisabeth Menschl / Johannes Kepler-University Linz

                              Occam´s Razor: Simplicity Versus Simplification or How to Deal with the Complex Image of



16.45 – 17.15         Sibylle Trawöger, Katholische Privatuniversität Linz

                              Learning to be Human in the Silence



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