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The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy

Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change

Studies on the cultural sources and foundations of values and the role of this heritage in building the future


George F. McLean, General Editor



Series IIIB, South Asia

IIIB.1 Authentic Human Desticy: The Paths Of Shankara And Heidegger; Indian Philosophical Studies, I. By Vensus A. George. ISBN 1-56518-119-0 (paper). 1998.


IIIB.2  The Experience of Being as Goal of Human Existence: The Heideggerian Approach; Indian Philosophical Studies, II. By Vensus A. George. ISBN 1-56518-145-X (paper). 2001.


IIIB.3  Religious Dialogue as Hermeneutics: Bede Griffiths?s  Advaitic Approach; Indian Philosophical Studies, III. By Kuruvilla Pandikattu. ISBN 1-56518-139-5 (paper). 2001.


IIIB.4 Self-Realization [Brahmaanubhava]: The Advaitic Perspective of Shankara; Indian Philosophical Studies, IV. By Vensus A. George. ISBN 1-56518-154-9 (paper). 2001.


IIIB.5 Gandhi: The Meaning of Mahatma for the Millennium; Indian Philosophical Studies, V, Kuruvilla Pandikattu, ed. ISBN 1-56518-156-5 (paper). 2001.


IIIB.6 Civil Society in Indian Cultures; Indian Philosophical Studies, VI, Asha Mukherjee, Sabujkali Sen (Mitra) and K. Bagchi, eds. ISBN 1-56518-157-3 (paper). 2000.


IIIB.7 Hermeneutics, Tradition and Contemporary Change Lectures In Chennai/Madras, India: Indian Philosophical Studies, VII. By George F. McLean. ISBN 1-56518-188-3 (paper). 2004.


IIIB.8  Plenitude and Participation: The Life of God in Man; Lectures in Chennai/Madras, India; Indian Philosophical Studies, VIII. By George F. McLean. ISBN 1-56518-199-9 (paper). 2004.


IIIB.9  Sufism and Bhakti, a Comparative Study; Indian Philosophical Studies, IX. By Md. Sirajul Islam. ISBN 1-56518-198-0 (paper). 2004.


IIIB.10 Reasons for Hope: Its Nature, Role and Future; Indian Philosophical Studies, X, Kuruvilla Pandikattu, ed. ISBN 1-56518- 2162 (paper). 2005


IIIB.11 Lifeworlds and Ethics: Studies in Several Keys; Indian Philosohical Studies, XI. By Margaret Chatterjee. ISBN 978-1-56518-233-2 (paper). 2007


IIIB.12  Paths to the Divine: Ancient and Indian; Indian Philosophical Studies, XII. By Vensus A. George. ISBN 978-1-56518-249-3. (paper). 2009.


IIIB.13 Faith and Reason Today Fides et Ratio in a Post-modern Era; Indian Philosophical Studies, XIII, Varghese Manimala, ed. IBSN 9781565182554 (paper). 2009.


IIIB.14 Identity, Creativity and Moderniation: Perspectives on Indian Cultural Traditions: Indian Philosophical Studies XV, Sebastian Velassery and Vensus A. George, eds. IBSN 9781565182783 (paper). 2012.


IIIB.15 Elusive Transcendence: An Exploration of the Human Condition Based on Paul Ricoeur:Indian Philosophical Studies, XV. By Kuruvilla Pandikattu. ISBN 9781565182950 (paper). 2014.







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