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The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy

Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change





IV.1 Italy in Transition: The Long Road from the First to the Second Republic: The 1997 Edmund D. Pellegrino Lectures on Contemporary Italian Politics. Paolo Janni, ed. ISBN 1-56518-120-4 (paper). 1998.


IV.2 Italy in the European Monetary Union: The 1998 Edmund D. Pellegrino Lectures on Contemporary Italian Politics. Paolo Janni, ed. ISBN 1-56518-128-x (paper). 1999.


IV.3  Italy at the Millennium: Economy, Politics, Literature and Journalism: The 1997 Edmund D. Pellegrino Lecture on Contemporary Italian PoliticsPaolo Janni. ISBN 1-56518-158-1 (paper). 2001.


IV.4  Speaking of God. By Aarlo Huber. ISBN 1-56518-169-7 (paper). 2002.


IV.5  The Essence of Italian Culture and the Challenge of a Global AgePaolo Janni and George F. McLean, eds. Introduction, index, 310pp. Paper ISBN 1-56518-1778. 2003.


IV.6 Italic Identity in Pluralistic Contexts: Toward the Development of Intercultural Competencies. Piero Bassetti and Paolo Janni, eds. ISBN 1-56518-208-1 (paper). 2004.


IV.7 Phenomenon of Affectivity: Phenomenological-Anthropological Perspectives. Ghislaine Florival. ISBN 9781565182899 (paper). 2014/2015.


IV.8 Towards a Kenotic Vision of Authority in the Catholic Church. Anthony J. Carroll, Marthe Kerkwijk, Michael Kirwan, James Sweeney, eds ISNB 9781565182936 (paper). 2014/2015.

IV.9 A Catholic Minority Church in a World of Seekers. Staf Hellemans and Peter Jonkers, eds. ISBN 9781565183018 (paper). 2014/2015.

IV.10 French Catholics and Their Church: Pluralism and Deregulation. Nicolas de Bremond d’Ars and Yann Raison du Cleuziou, eds. ISBN 9781565183087 (paper). 2015.








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