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The Value of Compassion and Forgiveness

in the World Philosophical Traditions

          October 1-26, 2012                                                                                  Beirut, Lebanon



As globalization continues to effect wide scale relocation of many people worldwide, a process that increases the vulnerability of a significant number of people, the present economic crisis has only compounded the problem. One result is that local, regional, and international conflict is on the rise. At the same time, such movement of peoples both domestically and internationally is inevitable and has long been important for world-wide progress.


Philosophical work on the idea of global justice, as a reaction to this challenge, is not wanting, and much progress has been made in the attempt to apply various concepts of global justice to systems of international law. But what still seems to be lacking, is further research on how values such as compassion and forgiveness complement the value of justice, and on how this complementary relation can be introduced into systems of law. In this regard, the rich philosophical traditions of the Abrahamic religions have much to offer.


Application for Participation


 Applications for participation in this seminar should be sent by email by MAY 1st, 2012, to ealam@ndu.edu.lb. and edwardjosephalam@yahoo.com. Participants normally cover their own travel; the RVP will provide room and board during the seminar. The seminar will be held at the RVP Center at Notre Dame University-Louaize, Lebanon. 


      (1)  a vita describing one?s education, professional positions and activities,

(2) a list of the applicants? publications,

(3) a letter stating your interest and involvement in this theme and the relation of participation in this seminar to your past and future work in philosophy and related studies, and

(4) an abstract of a study(s) you might present as an integral part of the seminar.






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