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Philosophy and Mysticism between Europe and Asia:

The Cosmopolitan Dimension of Islamic Thought and Spirituality

           May 18-31, 2011                                                             Beirut, Lebanon



Notre Dame University in Lebanon, which now houses the RVP’s second major center (complementing the activity of the center in Washington, D.C.) will bring together prominent Islamic philosophers for a three week seminar on the cosmopolitical dimensions of Islamic philosophy. Professor Richard Khuri’s seminal book,Freedom, Modernity, and Islam will orient the discussions; major papers by prominent international scholars shall be presented and critiqued.  The majority of activity will take place on the campus of Notre DameUniversity, though a number of excursions will take place including an extended stay at the Cedars of Lebanon overlooking the Valley of the Saints, where the discussion and presentation of papers will continue.  


            The culmination of the seminar on May 29, will be the inauguration of the RVP center on the campus ofNotre Dame University wherein the President of the University, together with Lebanese dignitaries, will officially dedicate the establishment and work of the center.  Notre Dame University, the Iranian Institute of Philosophy, and local sponsors, have all pledged support for this landmark occasion.


For futher information contact:  

Professor Edward Alam


PO Box 72, Zouk Mosbeh


Telephone: (961) 9 218 950 Extension 2405

Email: edwardjosephalam@yahoo.com

Website: www.ndu.edu.lb











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