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April 24-25

Washington, D.C., USA

Islam and the Political Order

June 1-2

Iasi, Romania

Truth and Morality

June 5-7

Vilnius, Lithuania

Globalization, National Identities and The Quality of Life

June 23-24

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Islam as Seen from the West

 June 27-28

Jakarta, Indonesia

Dialogue between Religions and Cultures in Southeast Asia

July 26-31

Warsaw, Poland

Transmutations of Western Civilization through the Discovery of Common Values in a Multi-Cultural World and Basing on Real Dialogue and Love 

November 8

Washington, D.C., USA

Cultural Tolerance

November 26-27

Aligarh, India

Religion and philosophy

Al-Ghazali and Averoes Today 

November 29 - December 1

Karachi, Pakistan


Islam and the West: Hermeneutics, Society and Cultural Tradition

December 5

Washington, D.C., USA 

The question of NGOs:  Citizen Participation and Political Representation in Democracy






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