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         Today there is urgent need to attend to the nature and dignity of the person, to the quality of human life, to the purpose and goal of the physical transformation of our environment, and to the relation of all these to the development of social and political life. This, in turn, requires philosophical clarification of the basis upon which freedom is exercised, that is, of the values which provide stability and guidance to one's deci­sions.

         Such studies must be able to reach deeply into one's culture as well as those of other parts of the world in mutually reinforcing and enriching manner in order to uncover the roots of the dignity of persons and of their societies. They must be able to identify the conceptual forms in terms of which modern industrial and technological developments are structured and how these impact upon human self-understanding. Above all, they must be able to bring these elements together in the creative understanding essential for setting our goals and determin­ing our modes of interaction. In the present complex global circumstances this is a condition for growing together with trust and jus­tice, honest dedication and mutual concern required for global times.

         The Council for Studies in Values  and Philosophy (RVP) unites schol­ars who share these concerns and are interested in the application thereto of existing capabilities in the field of philosophy and other disciplines. Its work is to identify areas in which study is needed, the intellectual resources which can be brought to bear thereupon, and the means for publication and interchange of the work from the various regions of the world. In bringing these together its goal is scien­tific discovery and publication which contributes to the present promotion of humankind.

         In sum, our times present both the need and the opportunity for deeper and ever more progressive understanding of the person and of the foundations of social life. The development of such understanding is the goal of the RVP.

The Council publishes the resulting studies (over 300) and assures global distribution of the volumes to 350 research libraries and 100 colleges, throughout the (especially) 'second and third' worlds, as well as making the complete texts available on the Web (http://www.crvp.org) and through the usual commercial book distribution channels.








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