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The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy

Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change




IIA.1  Islam and the Political Order. By Muhammad Saïd al-Ashmawy. ISBN 1-56518-046-1 (cloth); ISBN 1-56518-047-x (paper). 1993.

IIA.2  Al-Ghazali Deliverance from Error and Mystical Union with the Almighty Al-Munqidh Min Al-Dalal. Arabic text established and English translation with introduction by Muhammad Abulaylah, Introduction and notes: George F. McLean. ISBN 1-56518-081-X (Arabic-English edition); ISBN 1-56518-092-8 (English edition). 1999. 

IIA.3  Philosophy in Pakistan. Naeem Ahmadj, ed. ISBN 1-56518-108-5 (paper). 1998. 

IIA.4 The Authenticity of the Text in Hermeneutics. By Seyed Musa Dibadj. ISBN 1-56518-117-4 (paper). 1998. 

IIA.5 Interpretation and the Problem of the Intention of the Author: H.-G. Gadamer vs E.D. HirschBy Burhanettin Tatar. ISBN 1-56518-121-2 (paper). 1998.

IIA.6 Ways to God: Personal and Social at the Turn of Millennia. By George F. McLean. ISBN 1-56518-123-9 (paper). 1999. 

IIA.7 Faith, Reason and Philosophy: Lectures at The al-Azhar, Qum, Tehran, Lahore and Beijing; Appendix: The Encyclical Letter: Fides et Ratio.  By George F. McLeanISBN 1-56518-130-1 (paper). 2000.

IIA.8 Islamic and Christian Cultures: Conflict or Dialogue: Bulgarian Philosophical Studies, IIIPlament Makariev, ed. ISBN 1-56518-162-X (paper). 1999.

IIA.9 Values in Islamic Culture and The Experience of History: Russian Philosophical Studies, I. Nur Kirabaev and Yuriy Pochta, eds. ISBN 1-56518-133-6 (paper). 2002. 

IIA.10 Christian - Islamic Preambles of Faith. By Joseph Kenny. ISBN 1-56518-138-7 (paper). 1999. 

IIA.11 The Historicity of Understanding and the Problem of Relativism in Gadamer’s Philosophical Hermeneutics. By Osman Bilen. ISBN 1-56518-167-0 (paper). 2002.

IIA.12  Religion and the Relation between Civilizations: Lectures on Cooperation between Islamic and Christian Cultures in a Global Horizon. By George F. McLean. ISBN 1-56518-152-2 (paper). 2000.

IIA.13 Modern Western Christian Theological Understandings of Muslims since the Second Vatican Council. By Mahmut Aydin. ISBN 1-56518-171-9 (paper). 2002.

IIA.14  Philosophy of the Muslim World: Authors and Principal Themes. By Joseph Kenny. ISBN 1-56518-179-4 (paper). 2003.

IIA.15 Islam And Its Quest For Peace: Jihad, Justice And Eduction. By Mustafa Köylü. ISBN 1-56518-180-8 (paper). 2003.

IIA.16 Islamic Thought on the Existence of God: Contributions and Contrasts with Contemporary Western Philosophy of Religion. By Cafer S. Yaran. ISBN 1-56518-192-1 (paper). 2004. 

IIA.17 Hermeneutics, Faith, and Relations between Cultures: Lectures in Qom, Iran. By George F. McLean, ISBN 1-56518-191-3 (paper). 2004. 

IIA.18 Change and Essence: Dialectical Relations between Change and Continuity in the Turkish Intellectual TraditionSinasi Gunduz and Cafer S. Yaran, eds. ISBN 1-56518-222-7 (paper). 2005. 

IIA.19 Understandiing Other Religions: Al-Biruni and Gadmaer's 'Fusion of Horizons'. By Kemal Ataman, ISBN 9781565182523 (paper). 2009.










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