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International Conferences









 January 6-7

 Chandigarh, India 

 Identity and Otherness

 January 10-12

 Varanasi, India

 Values Embedded in Indian Philosophy

January 14-15

 Santiniketan, India 

Values and Contemporary Culture: An Indian Perspective

April 25-26

 Moscow, Russia

Humanities and Knowledge: Philosophy, Literature and Language

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 July 28-30

 Ioannina, Greece


Philosophy and Crisis: Responding to Challenges to Ways of Life in the Contemporary World 

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 August 1-3

Athens, Greece

Culture and Philosophy as Ways of Life in Times of Global Changes

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 November 22-23

Bucharest, Romania

 Faith in a Secular Age

 December 13-14

 Taipei, Taiwan

 Spiritual Foundations and Chinese Culture: A Philosophical Approach 

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December 16-17

Shanghai, P.R. China

Metaphysics: East and West

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December 18-19

 Shanghai, P.R. China

Morality and Responsibility in Times of Global Change

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 December 21-22

 Xian, P.R. China

 Philosophy Today

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