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March 4-5

Buchareset, Romania

Religion, the Sacred and Hospitality

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March 29-31

Andhra Pradesh, India 

Being Human in Multi-cultural Traditions 

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May 27-29


Moscow, Russia


Interaction of Cultures and Values: Philosophical Crossroad

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June 22-24


Lviv, Ukraine

Philosophy of Dialogue and Understanding: The Construction of European and World Communities 

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June 30-July 1

Klaipeda, Lithuania

 Dialogue of Cultures: Contemporary Thomism and Postmodern Society

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June 29-30

Shanghai, P.R. China 

Reciprocity: A Human Value in a Pluralistic World 

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July 2-3

Shangrao, P.R. China 

Moral Responsibility and Humanity 

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July 6-7

 Wuhan, P.R. China

Hermeneutic Understanding of Translation of Early Buddhist and Christian Scriptures: Theories and Praxis 

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July 10-11

Beijing, P.R. China

Dialogue of Religions and Beliefs in China

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September 12-13

 Poznań, Poland 

Ethos and Violence

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December 22-23

Chennai, India

Re-Learning to be Human for Global Times: Religious Pluralism: An Hermeneutical Understanding for the 21st Century  

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December 26-27

Jaipur, India

Re-Learning to be Human for Global Times: The Cross-Cultural Way

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December 30-31 

Varanasi, India

Re-Learning to be Human for Global Times

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 January 3-4

Patna, India

Re-Learning to be Human for Global Times: An Approach to Conflict Resolution

January 6-7

Santinikentan, India

Re-Learning to be Human for Global Times: Humanity and the Modern Predicament

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January 9-10

Delhi, India

Re-Learning to be Human for Global Times: Justice and Responsibility

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