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Invitation to an International Conference

Re-Learning to Be Human for Global Times:

Self-awareness of Life in A New Era

Insitute of Philosophy, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Shanghai, P.R. China

July 9-10, 2017


Conference Program


Nowadays the social life changes and develops so rapidly that it is just like an over speeding car with its maximum limit. We feel like riding a full automatic car controlled by machine, and somehow feel confused about whether we are the drivers or merely the passengers in this “car” of social life. Indeed, we, human beings, are supposed to be the driver in the “car,” but we may ask: Are we alert enough during our driving in this “car” called social life? Are we vigilant enough where we are heading toward with our “car”? Do we still remember where we came from? What are the responsibilities in constructing our common future? After all, what is the purpose of human existence? All these questions can direct to the conference theme: re-learning to be human for global times: self-awareness of life.


There are various aspects and different ways concerning with this topic:


What is the most conspicuous change taking place in our time? What are the major challenges in our day? Can we seize the opportunities to develop a better social life and to foster human flourishing?


What is the new impact of technology on social life or on lives of human beings in general? Does technology master human beings or vice versa? What is the purpose of science and technology in human life? Can human beings alter the direction of science and technology toward the good of all?


Have we developed much broader perspectives than the antiquity when we talk about the human civilization? If yes, what are the new understandings about human nature? How do we elaborate human nature according to our new situations and conditions which are rather different from the past? Whether human nature is essentially individualistic or collective? How to balance these two different views?


What are the cause for the crisis of refuges? What are proper attitudes and ways to treat them: hospitable or hostile? How to balance different interests among different peoples, cultures and civilizations?


What did “value” mean in the past; what does it mean to us today? Is it possible to recover and discover the true meaning of social life in this new era? How to choose a valuable and meaningful life in our contemporary world?


All the issues mentioned-above can be treated by philosophy, sociology, ecology, politics, economics, axiology, epistemology, etc. Participants may choose his/her own topic according to his/her own interest so as to focus on one specific aspect under the general theme.


Your creative and new ideas and insights will be appreciated. 



Please send 300 words and a brief CV to Professsor He Xirong [hxr@sass.org.cn], Shi Yongze [syz@sass.org.cn] and [cua-rvp@cua.edu] by April 20, 2017. Full papers sent by June 30, 2017 will be considered to be published by the RVP in its publication series "Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change".



There is no registration fee, Travel expense will be covered by participants (or their institutions); the local organizer will provide accommodations during the conference.



Professor He Xirong



Professor Shi Yongze







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