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Invitation to an International Conference

Re-Learning to Be Human for Global Times:

Destiny of Human Community and Dialogue of Multiple Civilizations

Yangzhou University, Yangzhou, P.R. China

July 12-13, 2017


Conference Program


When we are facing many challenges derived from the complex and complicated process of globalization today, we are also inherited with abundant legacies and traditions from various human civilizations.


Various regional experiences around the world provide us with different perspectives in thinking of the issue on how to re-understand and construct a new world in relation to the destiny of human community.


It is both the historical and academic mission for scholars from all parts of the world to strengthen exchanges and dialogues among cultures, peoples and civilizations, to provide diverse historical and cultural experiences for contemporary global governance, and to move globalization towards the promotion of human well-being.


As an important member of the world, it is of great significance for China to build a better community for human destiny by contributing the Chinese culture, values and wisdom.


The following issues can be discussed during the conference:


- The Destiny of Human Community and Pluralistic Development

- Dialogue between Human Community and Civilization

- Global Governance and Regional Experiences

- The Change of the World and the Path of China


This is an invitation to invite as many scholars as possible from all continents in the world to join the young scholars from China to discuss and exchange the above issues and concerns.



Please send 300 words and a brief CV to Professsor Liu Yong [liuyong@yzu.edu.cn] and [cua-rvp@cua.edu] by April 20, 2017. Full papers sent by June 30, 2017 will be considered to be published by the RVP in its publication series "Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change".



There is no registration fee, Travel expense will be covered by participants (or their institutions); the local organizer will provide accommodations during the conference.



Liu Yong








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