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The first Chinese joint colloquium was held at Peking University in 1987. Since 1991, annual colloquia with the Shanghai Academy of Social Science and Fudan University were held alternately in China and in the countries along the Asian Pacific rim. Colloquia have covered such issues as "The Humanization of Technology" (Japan), "Economic Ethics and Chinese Culture," and "Civil Society" laying the foundation for the new China. Eight colloquia were held across China one year and a Chinese team visited six University centers in India in search of the Hindu roots of Chinese Buddhism. Since 2000 the themes have concerned the life of the new China, e.g., urbanization, international relations and public administration as public service. 35 volumes have been published in this series. The Council has played an active role in the Peking Forum which opens in the Great Hall of the People and is publishing the papers of its philosophy section.

In Southeast Asia, the Council has coordinated biannual conferences with the scholars from the region to discuss such topical issues as "Cultural Traditions and Contemporary Challenges in Southeast Asia; Thai Philosophical Studies," "Relations between Religions and Cultures in Southeast Asia,""Philosophy in the New Age of Religious and Cultural Pluralism," and "The Role of Philosophy in the Development of South East Asia." Thus far 5 biannual conferences have been held in Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Phnom Penh and Hanoi.

In South Asia, the Council has coordinated a set of conferences and seminars across the continent, and also published a set of philosophical studies by the scholars from the region.

In Central Asia, the Council began its work with the scholars from the region in early 1990s by cosponsoring conferences, seminars and inviting professors to take part in international conferences and seminars in other countries. A set of publications has been published.









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