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Building Community in a Mobile/Global Age

September 24-October 26, 2012                                          Washington, D.C. 



Seminar Participants



Gholamreza A'avani

The Iranian Institute of Philosophy

The International Society for Islamic Philosophy (ISIP).

Tehran, Iran

E-mail: aavani@irip.ir

William Barbieri

School of Theology and Religious Studies

The Catholic University of America

Washington, D.C., 20064

E-mail: barbieri@cua.edu

Alieva Cholpon Erikovna

Social and HumanitiesDepartment

International University of Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


Sérgio Ricardo Silva Gacki

Doctor in Education-UFRGS
Master in Philosophy-UNISINOS
Bachelor in Law and Social Sciences-UNISINOS
Attoney Sindical, Brazil

Vensus A. George

Pallotti Institute of Philosophy and Religion

Goa, India

E-mail: vensussac@gmail.com

John P. Hogan

Center for the Study of Culture and Values

Washington, DC

E-mail: jhogan4020@yahoo.com

Huang Qihong

Department of Philosophy

Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Wuhan, P.R. China

Sayyed Hassan Hussaini (Akhlaq)

Center for the Study of Islam and the Middle East
Washington, D.C. 20002

E-mail: s.h.akhlaq@gmail.com

Vladimir Ivanov

The Department of Comparative Politics

Russian People's Friendship University

Moscow, Russia


Jacek Koltan

Department of Social Thought

European Solidarity Centre

Gdansk, Poland

E-mail: j.koltan@ecs.gda.pl

John Kromkowski

Department of Politics

The Catholic University of America

Washington, D.C.


Katia Lenehan

Fu Jen Catholic University

Taipei, Taiwan

E-mail: katiaho@hotmail.com

Li Maosen

School of Philosophy

Renmin University of China

Beijing, P.R. China


Luo Chunfeng

English Department

Henang University of Agriculture

Zhengzhou, Henang Province

P.R. China

E-mail: lcf9171@hotmail.com

Aniedi P. Okure

Africa Faith and justice Network

Washington, D.C.

E-mail: okure@cua.edu

Michal Reka

Catholic University of Lublin

Lublin, Poland


Corazon Toralba

Philosophy Department

University of Asia and the Pacific

Pasig City, Philippines












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