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The Social Context of Value

September 11 - November 10, 1984                             Washington D.C.



Seminar Participants


Ruben Diaz 
Pont. Univ. Catolica de Ecuador, 
Quito, Ecuador

Manuel B. Dy. Jr
Philosophy Department
Ateneo de Manila University
Manila, Philippines


James Loiacono 
Oblate College

Washington, D.C. USA



George F. McLean 
The Council for Research in Values and Philosophy

Washington, D.C. USA


Raul Lopez 
Pont. Univ. Bolivariana, 
Medellin, Colombia

Olinto Pegoraro
Univ. Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Hortensia Ferrand Piazza

Philosophy, Cayetana Heredia

University of Lima

Lima, Peru



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