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Invitation to an International Conference

Re-Learning to Be Human for Global Times:

Philosophy, Race and Multiculturalism in Southern Africa



  University of Zimbabwe, Harare, Zimbabwe

May 13, 2017



Conference Program


From time immemorial, issues relating to who should define and map out the contours of African philosophy have dominated the philosophical scene in Africa, in general, and in Southern Africa in particular. The publication of the books: Philosophy for Africa in 1993 by Augustine Shutte and Philosophy from Africa in 1998 by PH Coetzee and APJ Roux, has heightened the debate. Philosophical conversations among Mogobe Ramose, Bernard Matolino, Fainos Mangena, Thaddeus Metz and many others on how African ethics should be defined and characterized are also part of this struggle to determine the direction of African philosophy. These discussions, though not quite explicit, have often taken racial dimensions with philosophers involved (especially from the two groups) fighting for space and place to assert themselves over and above others.


Our hope is that this conference on Philosophy, Race and Multiculturalism in Southern Africa could put these issues into their proper perspectives. Some of the questions to be concerned during the confernce are:


(1) Is the multicultural approach to philosophy useful?

(2) Who should define and characterize African philosophy?

(3) Are there any problems associated with defining philosophy in terms of race, geographical and cultural boundaries?



Please send 300 words and a brief CV to Professsors Frank Mabiri [f.mabiri@gmail.com], Fainos Mangena [fainosmangena@gmail.com] and [cua-rvp@cua.edu] by March 1, 2017. Full papers sent by April 30, 2017 will be considered to be published by the RVP in its publication series "Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Change."



Professor Frank Mabiri



Professor Fainos Mangena








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