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 The effort of the Council for Research in Values and Philosophy (RVP) is to promote cooperative philosophical research and critique that draws upon the cultural resources of the peoples of the world and applies them for human progress in these global times. Here: ?human progress? includes the physical and economic welfare of peoples in the context of their environment. It includes as well their spiritual welfare as realized in their interior consciousness, their social relations to other persons and peoples, and their appreciation and response to their created origins, present dignity and transcendent goal. The search is for an ever more rich appreciation and realization of these in the context of family and civil society, nation and world. This is done through local research teams, regional conferences, extended seminars and publications.


Method. The method of work is to invite philosophers and related scholars at university centers to develop research teams. Through alternate steps of writing, mutual critique and redrafting each team produces a volume on a specific theme urgent for their people. This, in turn, becomes the basis of a conference for critical interaction with a broader range of scholars and teams in the region. Annual 10 week international professional seminars enable in-depth cooperation between the regions on themes of universal importance.


Local Research Teams. There is need to build bridges of contact, scientific collaboration and critical discourse on issues relating to cultural retrieval and application. There is need also for intercultural understanding between the scholars of diverse regions so that each can draw upon and contribute to the genius of all. This is done by the participation of professors in local research teams, each developing an extended study of a specific issue and by participation of these teams in regional and global conferences.


Regional Conferences. These enable participating institutes and scholars to open a dialogue on their heritage with other?s historic experiences in order:


- to overcome recent ideological interruption;

- to study modes in which their heritage can be adapted to support life in the new pluralistic global context;

- to draw therefrom indications of how their culture might contribute to a more pluralistic democratic future for their multi-ethnic region; and

- to build interchange and networking in specific regional groupings.


Seminars. 10 week cross cultural and interdisciplinary seminars provide substantial access to, and interchange between, the intellectual resources of the great civilizations. Here the goals are to provide the resources to enhance the visiting professor?s present research projects, and to develop the scientific, disciplinary and professional expertise needed by a new generation of leaders. This is done through enhancing the skills and contacts of the participating scholars and bringing them together from the various regions in extended seminar investigation, critical discussion and publication on central issues regarding the foundations of social life.







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